The Summary of 2020 and Prediction of the Coming Year

February 07, 2021

The Summary of 2020 and Prediction of the Coming YearAs the COVID-19 pandemic has brought so many changes to people's life and the fitness industry, it would be great to look back on the year of 2020 and be proactive to anticipate the new ways that customers may perform workouts in the next coming year. Actually, it's an opportunity for fitness suppliers and manufacturers since more and more people take up home workout due to the quarantine and mandatory facility closure.


Home workout has found its own way to grow and expand better in 2020. As mentioned above, the pandemic is an opportunity for home workout and especially for small workout equipment suppliers as more and more customers go look for compact and portable fitness tools that allow for workout routines under limited space. In the year past, home workout has become the solution to coping with the pandemic for fitness enthusiasts and exercise professionals, but the question is that will these changes still be a perfect solution to the year of 2021 and how will them affect the ability of health and exercise professionals to earn a living in the coming year?


Therefore, here in this entry, we are going to cover the features and trends of the fitness industry in 2020 to explore how customers will do fitness in the coming year and how it might affect our life.


The Summary of 2020 and Prediction of the Coming Year1. Home Workout Still Plays an Important Role in the Coming Year


As a result of business closures and quarantine restrictions, many begin to build their own garage gym and buy up all small space-occupied fitness tools that allow for a personal workout at home or in garage. Although it takes time to learn how to use the workout equipment for individuals, still it would be a fitness trend in 2021 and the explosive popularity of home workout will keep going up, which also provides a great business opportunity for fitness equipment suppliers and manufacturers especially those who produce and wholesale compact fitness items such as portable yoga mat, high-intensity resistance band, eco-friendly foam rollers, adjustable skipping ropes, plated or adjustable barbell or dumbbells, etc.


2. Social Media will Greatly Affect How Individuals Perform Fitness Workout


Due to its convenience and timeliness, social media will still be the primary source that provides fitness information and instructions for most individuals. As more consumers enter the fitness market due to the pandemic, many turn to social media to look for helps on how to begin an exercise session. Therefore, if you are a manufacturer who has your own website or social media platform, now is the time to make use of the magic of social media.

The Summary of 2020 and Prediction of the Coming Year3. HIIT Will Still Prevail in the Coming Year


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a mode of exercise known for helping achieve workout results in a short period of time. In addition, it is more popular with the elder because it not only builds up muscle strength, increases cardio capacity and burns calories, but more importantly it also promotes BDNF, which is a protein that stimulates the growth of new brain cells. That is the reason why the elders are more likely to stick to HIIT workouts despite how difficult the working out environment has become.


4. More Individuals, Particularly The Elders, Have Started to Work out Under the Influence of COVID-19


Since the pandemic has put more people's lives at risk, more and more individuals have started to move and exercise for the purpose of building up a strong immune system and improving health to prevent the pandemic. As many studies have suggested, keeping up a routine exercise while sticking to a healthy lifestyle greatly helps to avoid disease and keep fit.






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