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Jump Rope Manufacturer

Chinese professional Skip Rope / Jump Rope Manufacturer. Customizing skipping ropes according to all your needs (personalized service of style/handle/Logo/color), Exclusive skipping ropes custom to expand the influence of your brand. 

Wavar jump rope design is ergonomic, and the lightweight handle is more suitable for the use of easy-to-swing ropes to ensure comfort and effectiveness. They are made of high-quality materials and ball bearings to ensure a hot session.

Wavar skipping rope types: smart counting skipping rope manufacturer, competitive steel wire skipping rope manufacturer, weighted foam handle skipping rope manufacturer, bamboo skipping rope manufacturer, speed skipping rope manufacturer, polyester cotton skipping rope with wooden handle manufacturer.

As a skipping rope manufacturer, we know the details of each skipping rope and the people who use it. We can recommend it for you. Of course, you can choose according to your own purchase needs. We can communicate in detail to the best skipping products. 

Wavar Material Chart of Skipping Ropes:

Handle material(length: 10CM-15CM)Rope materiallength: 270-300CM)Features
Wooden GripCotton   RopeSpeed Adjustable
PlasticNylon  Handle Bearing
Plastic +RubberWireAdjustable Length
PP/ABS+Grip-cover: FoamPVC+WireWeighted Handle
PP+ foamPVCSmart count rope skipping

PVC- transparentRope-less Skipping

Wavar skipping ropes have reliable quality and competitive prices, our jump ropes have no minimum quantity, you can leave us a message for the latest information including details discussion, payment, logistics, after sales etc..


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