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Wavar offers commercial-grade resistance bands wholesale, booty bands wholesale, fitness bands wholesale, exercise bands wholesale, circle hip resistance band, silicone resistance bands, mini loop bands, resistance stretch bands, power resistance bands, powerlifting bands and resistance tube sets. where you can always find a resistance band to meet your fitness needs within your budget. In addition to the wholesale resistance band business, we also provide resistance band OEM&ODM services for many fitness brands. We are proud that 98% of our customers are very satisfied with our workout bands quality and buying experience.


Recent years, resistance band set has become an indispensable mainstream product in confrontation training, both in personal training and professional training. Here you can choose durable and environmentally friendly natural latex resistance bands, or fabric resistance belts with greater elasticity and good non-slip performance. Limited budget, you can also choose affordable resistance bands -  tpe resistance bands. TPE resistance bands made from recycled materials.


Latex resistance bandsThe most popular material, a wide range of resistance, high elastic property, easy to carry,100 % eco-friendly,(can cause allergy to rubber).
TPE resistance bandsMultiple color options, natural rubber alternative, more durable than latex, less light- and water-sensitive.
Fabric resistance bandGood slip resistance, non-aggressive for the skin, Low elasticity, good resistance.
Latex resistance tubeExercise bands with handles, 100% eco-friendly, multi-function, better resistance.

Specification with different thickness

(Length* width* thickness)

600*50*0.35 mm

600*50*0 .5 mm

600*50*0.7 mm

600*50*0.9 mm

600*50*1.1 mm 

Specification with different width

(Length* thickness * width)






Resistance level

X-Light Resistance Band: 5-10 LBS

Light Resistance Band: 10-15 LBS

Medium Resistance Band: 15-20 LBS

Heavy Resistance Band: 25-30 LBS

X-Heavy Resistance Band: 30-40 LBS

Color & PatternGeneral and Custom exercise bands
Logo & SizeCustom made bands with your logo
OEM ServiceAcceptable OEM Resistance Band

Contact now to wholesale resistance band sets direct from resistance bands factory, wholesale resistance bands with logo or custom resistance bands.

Confrontation training can increase muscle endurance, improve body flexibility, achieve the effect of shaping. The color and size of the resistance band determine the resistance level.  You can wholesale personalised resistance bands according to needs (private label resistance bands, custom color resistance bands, resistance value). 

A reliable wholesale resistance bands manufacturer usually have following features:

1. Have a branded website

You can find relevant information on Google, factory information, official website or Alibaba shop, etc. 

2. Strong manufacturing strength

Participate in large industry exhibitions, have their own production line or workshop, support factory inspection.

3. R&d, innovation and customization capability

An excellent manufacturer must have its own R&D department to innovate products and support OEM or provide customized exercise bands services.

4. Good order management system

Track all information and processes of orders, support make fitness bands sample, and overall product quality control after mass production.

5. Shipping and Delivery Time

Support customs clearance, door-to-door service and timely delivery.

6. After-sales service

Professional and sincere after-sales service, timely and efficient solution to customer problems.

We are capable of providing our customers with top notch and affordable resistance bands. As reliable resistance bands suppliers, we offer the best resistance bands in the market to professional gyms and wholesale resistance bands vendors. You can get reasonable price no matter where you are. If you have any questions about wholesale commercial resistance bands, feel free to contact us.

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