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Wavar, a professional yoga mat supplier in China, provides a broad variety of yoga mats and exercise mats with best customer service and quality assured. We have more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing and customizing yoga mats and have exported to Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania, South Africa and other countries and regions.


As the leading yoga mats manufacturer, Wavar can provide you with an extraordinary experience in terms of products and services. Our R&D team will provide the best yoga mat solution for any customization need. Make your custom yoga mat be popular products. We use premium quality materials, eco-friendly&green, recyclable, biodegradable. Wavar provides high density yoga mat, such as natural rubber yoga mat, pu yoga matcork yoga mattpe yoga mat, per yoga mat, pvc yoga mat, suede yoga mat, jute yoga mat, nbr yoga mat, hanging yoga mat and others.

2024 New formula, new material, innovative fit, new process. Contact us now! Let us know your specific requirements and preferences. We are more than happy to provide samples, answer any questions, and work closely with you to meet your business needs.


As a reliable yoga mat manufacturer, we provide support in the form of producing and supplying yoga mat samples to potential customers, allowing you to evaluate the quality, design, and performance of the mats before making a bulk purchase decision. These yoga mat samples serve as a tangible representation of the reliable yoga mat manufacturer's expertise and product offerings, showcasing the materials used, the durability of the mats, and the overall comfort they provide during yoga practices. Offering samples ensures that you can make an informed choice based on firsthand experience with the samples.

Bulk order yoga mats from one-stop yoga mat factory, affordable yoga mats in many yoga mat materials for your choice. Wavar provides yoga mat wholesale and persionalized yoga mats service for yoga mats manufacturer, yoga mats suppliers, yoga mats importers, business specializer of yoga mat, yoga mats retailers, yoga studios, chains hotel fitness center, yoga accessories online stores and those who need to buy yoga mats in bulk, sourcing yoga mats and wholesale yoga supplies.

Reliable Yoga Mat Manufacturer Wholesale Top Yoga Mats (Recommended Yoga Mats) Materials:

Different Yoga Mat TypesYoga Mat Features
TPE Yoga MatHigh Density, Durable Foam, Eco Friendly, Soft, Non-slip Surace. Moisture-resistant, Good flexibility
Rubber Yoga Mat100% Eco Friendly, Stability, Excellent Grip & Slip Resistant, Easy Care
PU Yoga MatAnti-wrinkle, Frosted, Anti Slip, Waterproof, Easy to Clean, Provides Perfect Cushioning, Eco-friendly
Cork Rubber Yoga MatSoft, Comfortable, No Smell, Eco-friendly
Suede Surface Yoga MatAlso known as high temperature yoga mat, sweat-absorbing, non-slip
PVC Yoga MatAnti Slip, Low costs, Non-toxic, Strong impact resistance
NBR Yoga MatThickened, Anti Slip, Sustainable, Lightweight, Easy to Carry, Versatile
Hemp Yoga MatNon-slip and wear-resistant

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Yoga Mat Factory Production Advantages: 

yoga mats factory.jpg

- Enhancing Quality and Efficiency through Factory Production

1. Streamlined Production Process:

   Yoga mat factory bulk production allows for a streamlined and efficient manufacturing process. Specialized equipment, machinery, and production lines are set up to optimize the yoga mat production flow, ensuring consistent quality and faster turnaround times.

2. Competitive Price:

    By producing yoga mats in large quantities, We can achieve cost savings in terms of raw materials, labor, and overhead expenses, ultimately offering competitive pricing to our customers.

3. Customization Options:

    As yoga mat factories, we can personalized yoga mats according to meet your specific requirements, from choosing different materials, colors, and patterns to adding logos or branding elements.

4. Consistent Supply:

    Yoga mat factory production ensures a consistent and reliable supply of mats. Manufacturers can maintain sufficient inventory levels to fulfill bulk orders promptly, reducing the risk of stock shortages and ensuring a steady supply chain for yoga mats retailers, yoga studios and other businesses.

5. Innovations&Development:

    Constantly seeking innovative materials and production techniques to improve the performance and sustainability of their mats. This drive for innovation ensures that customers have access to the latest advancements in yoga mat technology.

6. High-quality Yoga Mats:

    Harnessing Expertise and Craftsmanship in Manufacturing yoga mats ensure that superior craftsmanship in each mat is produced. 

Different Yoga Mat Printing Ways: 

 - Digital Printing

Digital printing utilizes inkjet technology to directly print designs onto the yoga mat's surface. It allows for intricate and detailed designs, vibrant colors, and smooth gradients. Digital printing offers flexibility in customization and can accommodate complex patterns or artwork.

 - Screen Printing

Screen printing involves applying ink through a mesh screen onto the yoga mat. It is suitable for larger designs with solid colors or bold graphics. Screen printing can provide excellent color opacity and durability, making it a popular choice for mass production.

 - Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer printing involves transferring a pre-printed design onto the yoga mat using heat and pressure. The design is printed onto a special transfer paper or film, which is then applied to the mat's surface with a heat press. 

 - Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing involves using heat to transfer dye onto the yoga mat's surface, resulting in vibrant and permanent prints. The dye is first printed onto a special transfer paper, and then the paper is placed on the mat and subjected to heat and pressure. Sublimation printing allows for full-color designs, excellent color fastness, and durability.

 - Embossing or Debossing

Embossing and debossing are methods of creating raised or recessed designs on the yoga mat's surface. It involves applying pressure or heat to create the desired design, pattern, or texture. Embossed or debossed designs can add visual interest and tactile sensations to the mat.

 - Customizable Inlays

Some yoga mat manufacturers offer customizable inlays, where a separate layer with the desired design is placed on top of the mat's surface. This method allows for easy interchangeability of designs and provides the option to update or change the mat's appearance without replacing the entire mat.

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If you have no idea about where to buy yoga mats, just contact us for further connections. 

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