Why is Pilates So Popular?

June 24, 2024

Why is Pilates So Popular?

The purpose of Pilates exercise is to improve body posture, strengthen muscle strength, increase flexibility and promote overall physical and mental health. The reason why more and more people like Pilates is the personalized training experience.

What is Pilates? 

Pilates in English is Pilates (Pilates Method), which is a kind of exercise and skill named after the German Joseph Hubertus Pilates.

Pilates is first of all a kind of exercise. It mainly exercises the small muscle groups deep in the human body, maintains and improves the normal posture of the appearance, achieves body balance, expands the range of motion and mobility of the trunk and limbs, emphasizes the control of the core muscle groups, strengthens the human brain's nerve induction and control of the limbs and skeletal muscle tissue, and is a whole-body coordinated exercise combined with the correct breathing method.

Pilates is becoming a lifestyle

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It is a training method suitable for everyone. One of the principles of Pilates is to focus on the core of the body. It is suitable for shaping, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and is aimed at people with special injuries, pregnant women, children, the elderly and other people with various needs, especially office workers who lack exercise and face computers for a long time, as well as mothers who are preparing for pregnancy, prenatal midwifery, and postpartum rapid body shaping. It can achieve the effects of shaping, fat loss, enhanced athletic ability, exercise therapy and posture correction.

Compared with other sports, Pilates training pays more attention to individuals. In terms of teaching mode, private training and small group classes are the main ones. In terms of training equipment, there are auxiliary tools such as Pilates Reformer, Swing Bed, Wande Chair, Spinal Corrector, etc., which can bring personalized advanced exercises to users.

Mr. Pilates once mentioned that the main purpose of developing Pilates courses is to cultivate practitioners to correctly understand and use the body. The purpose of practicing Pilates is neither to lose fat and shape nor to practice Pilates postures, but to return to life itself. He pointed out that the purpose of Pilates exercise is to improve body posture, strengthen muscle strength, improve flexibility and promote physical and mental health.

As Pilates became popular, professional Pilates studios emerged in various places. Over the past century, the Pilates training system has been continuously improved and developed into a mature training system. There are many schools of Pilates, such as classic Pilates, fitness Pilates, and rehabilitation Pilates. Chain studios such as Club Pilates and Pilates Studio were also born. 

How to choose a reliable Pilates equipment supplier?

As people's love for Pilates continues to rise so much so that there is a growing demand for Pilates equipment on the market, then choosing a good Pilates equipment becomes an important decision.

Why is Pilates So Popular?cid=165

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