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Wavar is one of the leading manufacturers of Pilates equipment in China, offering Pilates equipment sales/manufacturing/wholesale/customization services, and we work with the global Pilates brand to provide them with brand customization of Pilates equipment and high-quality Pilates equipment at the lowest priceTo provide customers with a first-class service experience, for customers to create a world-class brand image is our goal. Work with us to achieve a win-win cooperation.  

Do you want to get Pilates equipment delivered directly from the factory at an affordable price?  

Are you looking for wholesale manufacturer of premium Pilates equipment? We specialize in manufacturing and selling Pilates equipment for a variety of workout environments, including Pilates Reformer, Pilates Cadillacs, Pilates chairs, Pilates barrels, Pilates spinal correctors and other fitness equipment.

Every Pilates device is made of the best materials and rigorously tested.  

1. Every Pilates equipment we sell is made of the best materials, including imported wood (traditional wood and bamboo) and modern metal materials.

2. Every Pilates equipment is carefully crafted, and each device has gone through for performance and durability to ensure the quality of our products and the safety of our users.

3. While we respect classics and innovate, we are committed to maintaining the integrity of Joseph Pilates original equipment designs while combining them with today's technology.

Pilates Cadillac

Cadillac is a combination of a number of auxiliary facilities, practitioners pull the spring lever by hand and foot, through the spring setting changes, the user can be based on their own needs, and do a variety of training movements on the swing rack.

Pilates Reformer

As the most iconic device in Pilates, Reformer empowers muscles by helping people with posture training with sliders, springs, pedals, straps, and more. With Pilates beds, you can practice actions such as lying on your lap, leg stretching, forward-leaning control, and more.  

Pilates Chair

Pilates Chair has high balance requirements and can be used for shaping, fat reduction, rehabilitation training, etc. to enhance the stability of the trainer.  

Pilates Ladder Barrel

Pilates Ladder Barrel is smaller than other devices, ideal for exercising hip muscles and has the effect of increasing hip flexibility.  

Pilates Spine Corrector

Pilates Spine Corrector is ideal for spinal correction for frontal bending, stretching, side flexion and rotation of the spine, correcting adverse body shapes such as chest hunchbacks.

Whole Pilates equipment for sale (including all the equipment above), if you want to carry out a complete Pilates training, then we recommend that you buy the whole set, if you want to carry out specific training, you can also buy it individually or in combination, our MOQ is 1 set, all shipped directly by the factory to you, if you have special requirements, we can communicate in detail.  


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