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Pilates Cadillac ( Trapeze Table )

Pilates Cadillac ( Trapeze Table )


Item No: W01701

Exw Price: 549$ - 599$

Size: 240*78*220cm

Material: Thailand oak + 304 Stainless steel tube

MOQ: 1Pcs

Logo: Customized Logo Available

Product Information



Product: Pilates Cadillac (Trapeze Table)Item Number: W01701
Size: 240*78*220cmLOGO: Customized
Weight: 105kgMaterial: Thailand oak + 304 Stainless steel tube
MOQ: 1PcsOrigin: China
Function: Bodybuilding, Exercise muscle

Pilates Cadillac(Trapeze Table)

Cadillac, also known as the Pilates Trapeze Table, is the most versatile and supportive large-scale device in Pilates equipment. It is an iconic piece of equipment invented by Joseph Pilates in the 1940s.

It features a massage bed-like base with an overhanging metal frame, from which hang pulleys, bars, and ropes with which the user can interact to perform advanced Pilates exercises, Provides a wealth of support for beginners and injured people to help them learn basic Pilates movements.

Our Pilates Cadillac equipment, made from a combination of imported Thai oak and durable 304 stainless steel pipes, creates the highest quality Pilates Trapeze Table available today, each with the following premium materials:  

1.304 Stainless steel tube2. Assembled poles
3. thickened puller4. premium spring
5. Eco-friendly PU material6. High density sponge
7. Thailand oak8. sturdy metal firmware


Pilates Cadillac(Trapeze Table)Training methods and accessories

The springs

Springs are with various tensions and easy to be attached into loops. And the number of attachment points, adjustable spring height will let perform on the trapeze table in various motions. you can different heights by attaching them to the crossbar. The push bar can be sprung with different springs to match exercises.

The trapeze swing

The hanging trapeze swing can be attached to the top of the frame. A variety of exercises using the trapeze swing involve bridge-type exercises for spine mobility and your feet on it for hamstring flexibility.

The metal frame

The metal frame itself and fluffy stirrups attached to the top also support various “hanging” exercises, such as pull-ups, which help to build upper body strength and decompressing the spine.

We sell every Pislat Cadillac device with the following accessories: 

Arms SpringsLeg Springs
Roll Down SpringsFoot Straps
Belly StrapsA Complete Trapeze Assembly
Push Thru BarRoll Down Bar
Sheepskin Hanging LoopsKuna Board

We offer the best quality Trapeze Table, and work with major global brands. We satisfy all your needs, including different models, customized different materials and custom brand services. Since Cadillac is the largest type of Pilates equipment, we support 1 order, because there is no middleman, we sell the price is very favorable, directly from our factory to you, trust Wavar, contact us, the best Tradeze Table wholesale manufacturer here.

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