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Maintain regular yoga practice for a better life

November 24, 2020


Maintain regular yoga practice for a better lifeWhat is special about yoga is that we can do it anytime, anywhere, with just a mat. When it comes to yoga, the first thing that gets into our mind is that it helps lose weight and stay fit, but the benefits of yoga are more beyond weight loss! Yoga has become so popular around the world not only because of reducing weight but also owed to many other benefits of it.


There might be more than 100 types of yoga and most yoga sessions are typically related to movements like stretching, bending, flexing, meditating, breathing to build strength, awareness and harmony in both body and more importantly in mind. Another thing that can not be separated from yoga is yoga mats and foam rollers, which provide the necessary grip and support for you to maintain regular yoga practice and make it more efficient and effective. Therefore, now let’s talk about what benefits we can gain from yoga.

Yoga for Flexibility

A study suggests that flexibility will improve with an average of 35% after maintaining eight weeks of yoga. In a yoga session, not only your muscles but all the joints of your body will be engaged in single movements like stretching and flexing, which will greatly keep you vigorous and help you perform better in daily activities with less stiffness and fatigue. Furthermore, better flexibility means a better sense of balance of the spine and a more flexible physique, which will automatically get you in shape.


Yoga for core strength

Most postures incorporated in a yoga session, such as plank, side stretch, downward or upward dog, require the involvement of core muscle. A strong core will offer you enough support for siting, standing, bowing, etc.


Relief from chronic pain

The primary symptom of chronic pain is continuous pain somewhere in the body. Practicing yoga not only improves your body's flexibility but also has a positive effect on chronic pain. Yoga poses can work on alleviating the structural changes and damage to the brain caused by chronic pain, as well as protecting the gray matter of the brain from nerve damage caused by chronic pain.


Release stress and get out of depression

Nowadays, most of our lifestyle is busy and intensive, and yoga is a type of exercise that can "slow" people down. Stretching all parts of the body by pushing, pulling, twisting, squeezing, stretching and other various postures makes people slow down the pace of life and take a breath. With exercise and relaxation, we focus on stretching and strengthening some parts where your body adjusts its autonomic nerves, controls your heart rate, and eases tension.


Keep your head up and increase your confidence

The body shape of a person is very important. An awkward figure not only affects a person's first impression to others, it can also lead to spinal problems. And through the practice of yoga, it can effectively improve the shape of the spine, improve the situation of the hunchback, which then will make you wall with your heads up and being confident.


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