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Wavar, as a foam roller manufacturer, wholesale many types of foam rollers, including gym roller, massage roller, muscle roller, yoga roller, pialtes roller, foam body roller, soft stretch roller, hard foam roller, long foam roller, small foam roller, short foam roller, firm foam roller, round foam roller, large foam roller and back roller for foam roller distributor, foam roller online shop, foam roller suppliers. 

Support custom foam rollers according to different requirements, including custom foam roller logo, size, custom foam packaging, hardness, custom foam shapes, color, etc. Get your branded foam rollers from Wavar to spread your foam roller business!


Foam Rollers Wholesale Categories

Below are some of our most common foam rollers. We recommended foam roller is EPP/EVA Foam roller, which is the best foam rollers for beginners.

EPP Foam Roller Wholesale

High density expanded polypropylene, high density foam roller material, not easy to deform and more durable, provide moderate massage, suitable for long-time yoga foam roller exercises and foam roller stretches in gyms, EPP Foam Roller will provide solid support. Specifically designed for moderate and heavy duty yoga exercises. 

EVA Foam Roller 

The standard material for Foam Roller manufacturing is the excellent shock absorbing material, light weight, wear-resistant with a long service life. EVA Foam Roller has a very slight sponge feeling, which is very suitable for beginners who just get into the field and people who do not need solid Foam Roller.

Two in One Foam Roller/ Foam Roller Set

Eco-friendly, non-toxic, deeper massage roller. The foam roller set can be disassembled into two sizes foam roller, two sizes of foam roller will fit more parts of body.


However, please note that different materials foam rollers are different in terms of comfort and exercise intensity. It is necessary for Choosing the right Foam Roller according to the level exercise. Wavar, your reliable foam roller supplier, foam roller wholesaler and foam roller factory, provides wholesale foam rollers service.

Wholesale different foam rollers and provide varieties of economical foam rollers options, Supply high quality firm foam rollers, that can be used for a long time, quality guaranteed.

Wholesale discount foam rollers direct from Foam Roller Factory, China professional Foam Roller manufacturers and foam roller suppliers, wholesale discount foam rollers from Wavar.

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We also provide customized foam rollers wholesale service. We can customize logo foam roller according to your requirements. If you need to learn more about the foam roller customization service, please direct buy foam roller from Foam Roller factory

When navigating the realm of wholesale foam rollers, a comprehensive guide is essential to making informed choices that align with your business needs. Understanding the differences between various materials foam rollers is a crucial aspect of this decision-making process. For instance, EVA foam rollers are known for their durability and smooth texture, making them suitable for beginners. On the other hand, high-density foam rollers provide a firmer surface, catering to users seeking a more intense massage experience. Moreover, PE foam rollers, while lightweight, maintain their shape well and offer moderate density. Thermoformed foam rollers, often molded with precision, combine durability and comfort. Navigating these distinctions ensures you select the right product to meet the diverse needs of your clientele. For a more detailed exploration of foam roller materials and their respective benefits, you can refer to our comprehensive Foam Roller Buying Guide.



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