Hypoxic Training is Prevailing in the United States

November 23, 2020

Aerobic Fitness or "Aerobic Gymnastics" are the well-known exercises for fitness. However, nowadays Hypoxic Training is becoming one of the most popular fitness exercises in the fitness industry of New York in America. More and more Americans favor gyms that artificially lower oxygen-content for "Hypoxic Training".


However, what is the definition of “Hypoxic Training”? “Hypoxic Training” is also called “altitude training”, which is artificially reducing and keeping the oxygen-content of the gym lower than the normal condition.


Under the low-oxygen environment, in order to adapt ourselves into the low-oxygen and low-pressure environment,our heart rate would be accelerated. cardiac output increases, oxygen red blood cells and hemoglobin carried in blood also increase, oxygen transport capacity increases, blood diffusion to human tissues is bound to be strengthened.


When a person perform exercises in a low-oxygen environment, the activity of the lungs increases, which can expand the arteries vessels, increase blood circulation throughout the body. Therefore, compared with the fitness in the normal condition, the fitness under low-oxygen condition has the benefits in increasing the number of red blood cell, strengthening the function of immune system, strengthening the brain tissue and muscle to use oxygen, etc., and it only takes half of the time for the normal to achieve the same fitness performance.


Hypoxic Training is Prevailing in the United StatesWhen you get into the low oxygen environment for the first time, it is good to start with some light-weight exercises like resistance training, balance training, yoga, pilates, etc, because at the very beginning your body is not well adapted to the new environment yet, so it is better not to put too much pressure on your muscles, wrist and shoulder in case of strain or injuries. Hence, small fitness equipment like yoga mats, balls, bands, may help you out during this transition stage. After your body is well used to the new environment, strength training or weight training may be necessary and suitable for you in this stage. Thus, some movements like lifting or pressing with barbell or dumbbells are great for muscle building or strength improving.


The Low-oxygen condition makes the human body accumulate and store the necessary carbon dioxide, which is very beneficial to health because a functional human body depends on both oxygen and carbon dioxide. Not only does the human blood contain 2% oxygen, it must also contain 6.5% carbon dioxide. If the carbon dioxide content of human body is too low, it will cause gas imbalance of inner body resulting in less acid and more alkaline blood disease, destroying the normal metabolism, damaging the nervous system and immune function, and eventually lead to the loss of self-defense ability to the disease.


The emergence of this new form of fitness has brought many people who got used to outdoor activities to the low-oxygen gyms for regular exercise.For example, those who used to enjoy skating, mountain climbing and adventure, also begin to go to hypoxic gyms, where they can get the feeling of low oxygen condition without going outdoors. 


Honestly, the “Hypoxic Training” is a perfect alternative to outdoor sport for people particularly under the situation that most people are in insolation or quarantine due to the COVID-19 virus.





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