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Aerobic Steps are raised platforms which are used in aerobic fitness to repeatedly step on and off and further moves training the full body,hence, Aerobic steps is made of lightweight but sturdy material.

Cheap Aerobic Step, Aerobic step board is a practical and widely used fitness tool, Aerobic Step board may be incorporated with other movements, such as yoga, in which Aerobic steps may service as an subsidiary fitness tool. Therefore, Aerobic steps are enjoyed by so many people.

Choose Aerobic Steps

1. Anti-slip 

An anti-slip surface is very important, antislip means to ensure a good traction, even when your hands and shoes are wet, and it directly affects the safety of a stepper during fast-paced use. The Wavar Aerobic steps design different textures on the surface or use anti-slip material to improve friction and achieve anti-slip effect.


Adjustability is the main component of high-function exercise steps. The height and training intensity of the pedals can be adjusted by adding or removing the riser. Many pedals are equipped with grooves at the bottom, which can be used for support when not in use, and also an extra height during fitness workouts. In addition, it is good for space saving.

3.Weight-bearing capacity

The load-bearing capacity of the pedal is directly related to safety. You need to know the maximum load-bearing capacity of each pedal when purchasing. The pedal is made of PP material, which is more durable and has better toughness and crack resistance, but we still recommend that we try our best to choose a stepper that can bear more than your weight load.

The benefits of long-term Aerobic Steps training

1.Efficiently reduce fat, shape and gain muscle

The up and down pedals can not only move the whole body, but also fully activate and exercise the leg muscles and buttocks muscles. By holding heavy objects such as dumbbells, you can further increase the intensity of your exercise.

2.Improve body balance, coordination and agility

In the process of going up and down, we need to quickly change the plane of motion, and most of the time it is one-leg alternation-this is a challenge to the coordination, balance and agility of the body. During the training process, our heart rate will gradually increase. We can also promote health, improve cardiovascular function, and symptoms of osteoporosis through this progressive training

3.Increase endurance

Doing step aerobics can improve our endurance, and step training can help us keep our physical strength longer.

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