How to get relief from high intensity workouts

November 30, 2020

Nowadays, fitness and home fitness in particular, have never been more popular especially under the influence of the pandemic spreading over the world. People have more time staying home and accompanying families. Home fitness becomes the first choice of workout enthusiasts and people who want to stay fit or burn fat. However, intense self-training at home without professional guidance may easily render tiredness and even strain or injury. Therefore, learning how to help your body out of fatigue post-workout in a right and effective way is necessary for home fitness.


How to get relief from high intensity workouts.1. Foam Roller Relaxation Exercise

Of course, there are not only foam shafts, but much small equipment alike, such as massage balls, peanut balls, massage sticks, and more advanced vibrating foam roller, or electric fascia guns, that could help to relax and relieve your body form tiredness and fatigue.

The primary goal of foam rolling is to restore the sliding surface of the tissue by activating the trigger point (trigger point). Self-myofascial release can increase the range of motion of the joint without increasing the pain associated with DOMS. But the appropriate and right training techniques are also necessary. When performing a self-myofascial release, gently roll out until the trigger point is found. Then apply more pressure and repeat the movement at a slow pace until the pain is alleviated.


2. Massage

Massage is my favorite way of muscle recovery. Many athletes enjoy such treatment and get massages to relieve tense muscles, so their bodies feel better without too much pain. Getting a massage may be one of the best muscle recovery techniques for athletes because it helps make the biological process of muscle recovery more efficient.

Also, you don't have to see a professional masseur for a massage. Self-massage could not be more popular right now due to its convenience and feasibility at home and office.

Learning a few different massage techniques and applying them yourself after a hot workout or competition can help you gain plenty of benefits of massage without having to make an appointment with a massage therapist. There are also many massage products on the market, designed for a specific part of body.



3. Enough water

Water is one of the six nutrients that are essential for body and daily living. Water is the source of life.

Water is important to maintain body functions; The average percentage of water in adults is between 55 and 60 percent. While most athletes have already know the importance of staying hydrated during exercise or training, some may forget that drinking water is one of the best muscle recovery techniques available to athletes even today.

This is because water helps to populate cells and protect them from becoming the components of protein synthesis. Hydration is also important to promote digestion, so the body gets all the nutrients it needs for recovery.

To put it simply, all the reactions inside human bodies require the participation of water, whether it is assimilation and absorption, or alienation exclusion, all demands a stable water content.






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