How to Choose a Kettlebell for Your Own

June 17, 2021

Kettlebells mean strength. One kettlebell can satisfy core training, muscle endurance, explosive power, HIIT and other training needs. It is a weighing tool made of cast iron, similar to Chinese weighing mounds. When farmers of fighting nations trade in the market, they are used to weigh crops. Later, the people realized that they could be used to exercise their bodies. Today, I will introduce the points that should be paid attention to when choosing a kettlebell. 

How to Choose a Kettlebell Weight?Kettlebell


Beginners with little strength, 8kg is recommended(For Chinese men)

Men with regular fitness, 12kg is recommended

Normal fitness man with strong strength, plan to become an advanced players, we recommended 16kg and above.


Beginners have little strength, 4kg is recommended(For Chinese men)

Women with regular fitness, 8kg is recommended

Normal fitness womne with strong strength, advanced players, we recommended 12kg and above


For gymholics with a good foundation, we recommend choosing 20KG or 24KG for entry, and 32KG can be used soon; for women, it is recommended to choose 12 or 16kg for entry, and 20KG or even 24KG can be used soon.(both Chinese and foreigners)

Should You Buy One Set or Two Sets?

My suggestion is to buy one for beginners, and buy another after a period of exercise. Novices just getting in touch with kettlebell are more suitable for unilateral training, because the difficulty of double kettlebells is 1+1 far greater than 2.

Kettlebell Surface Treatment


The surface of the kettlebell is electroplated, it has advantages of corrosion resistance, but the texture is relatively hard and it is easy to damage other equipment during training.


The advantages are that the color is more, the surface is smooth, and the color does not fade, the paint does not fall, and the landing sound is small, similar to the encapsulation.

Baking paint: 

The paint has a high appearance and a hard texture, which is easy to damage other equipment. After a long time, the paint may come off.

Rubber encapsulation: 

The kettlebell is wrapped with rubber. The advantage is that the sound is very small when you put it on the ground during training. You can exercise at home, so you don’t have to worry about the uncle downstairs coming to your door. Disadvantages, it may smell a bit rubber.

Iron Kettlebell and Competition Kettlebell 

Hard-type kettlebells (classic kettlebells) are generally made of cast iron. The competitive kettlebell (competition kettlebell) is made of steel. 

The iron cast kettlebell is solid. The heavier the weight, the larger the volume. The competitive kettlebell (competitive kettlebell) is hollow and all weights will maintain the same volume and uniform size. Smaller weights are hollow or have other fillings. The handle of the rigid kettlebell (classic kettlebell) is made very large, and it is designed for two-handed holding. The handle of the competitive kettlebell (competition kettlebell) is very small and is designed for one-handed grip. It can make ringing and snatch movements better in the game.

In the end, I hope everyone has an overall view of kettlebells, and men will gain a healthy and strong body through training, and that girls will get better shape. 




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