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Adjustable Kettlebell

Adjustable Kettlebell


Item No: W02718 

Material: Cast Iron+Latex


Product Information


Adjustable kettlebell for sale

From kettlebell swings to leg-strengthening squats, Wavar Adjustable Kettlebell is the best multi-function training/fitness/workout tool for you. This all-in-one kettlebell is an upgraded version of common kettlebells with solid weight.


Item No: W02718Material: Cast Iron+Latex
Color: CustomizableMin. Order: Negotiable
Packaging: CustomizedPort: Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, etc
Brand Name: WAVARGraphic: Customized
Delivery Time: NegotiableLogo: Customized

20lbs kettlebell: 5lbs, 7.5lbs, 10lbs, 12.5lbs, 15lbs, 17.5lbs, 20lbs, 6pcs adjustable plates in total

40lbs kettlebell: 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs, 35lbs, 40lbs, 6pcs adjustable plates in total


Free weight adjustment: There are 6 weight plates on one kettlebell. It is easy to switch up the weights, the weight plates can range from 5lb to 40lb. You do not need to buy a kettlebell set anymore, just to load or unload the weight plate on one kettlebell; 

Interlock Catch: It is to hold and lock plates, the bottom is covered with rubber to protect the floor, the top is designed with a lock for plates;

Strength Training Tool: multi-function strength training tool, multiple upper body strength training, conditioning, sculpting, and core exercises;

Comfortable anti-slip handle: in consideration of the safety issue, the handle surface is rough in case of dropping when hands are sweaty;

Solid cast iron: the plates are solid metal, and covered with colored coating. So, this kettlebell is more wear-resistance and tear-resistance;

Multiple colors: the color of the plate can be either white, black, or customized.

Adjustable Kettlebell

Adjustable Kettlebell

Adjustable Kettlebell

Adjustable Kettlebell

Adjustable Kettlebell

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