Wholesale Kettlebell

We are one of the top manufacturers of kettlebells, providing various materials. We wholesale kettlebells for professional gyms and fitness retailers around the world, and provide full weight suits. Buying Wholesale Kettlebells for Your Gym or Training Center! 

Contact us and make it easy for you to order kettlebells in bulk.

Wavar high-quality kettlebells are comfortable in hands and suitable for all kinds of exercises, like strength training, muscles toning, aerobics, and balance training. 

According to your specifications, we can customize a unique kettlebell set for you.

Kettlebell Type

When you go to a kettlebell manufacturer or a kettlebell wholesale store, we will find that there are many types with various weights, colors, designs and materials. 

But, you basically can see three types of kettlebells, cast iron kettlebells, powder-coated kettlebells and competition kettlebells. We have all those types. What is more, our newly launched adjustable kettlebells are also loved by major customers. Then these kettlebells. What are the differences, what crowd are they suitable for?


Adjustable kettlebell

It is the upgraded version of ordinary kettlebells that can be disassembled and freely adjust the weight, so you don’t need to buy a kettlebell set, but buy an adjustable kettlebell instead. Compared with ordinary kettlebells, it is more space-saving and convenient to carry. 

They are hot products and always purchased by customers in large quantities.

Cast iron kettlebell

Also known as the classic kettlebell, the diameter of the kettle body and the handle vary with the weight. The kettlebell is made of solid cast iron castings, which is also popular with everyone. The width of the handle design is wider, which is suitable for the beginning of exercise. 

Powder Coated Kettlebell

Like cast iron kettlebells, they are made of solid cast iron and seamless, strong and with no weak points. The difference is that a layer of powder coating is added to the surface to prevent corrosion on the surface, which is more beautiful, provides better grip, and is more suitable for wholesale gym purchases.

Competition Kettlebell

The difference between the competition kettlebell and the cast iron kettlebell is that its handle is narrower than the cast iron handle and is square. 

General kettlebell manufacturers usually customize this kind of competition kettlebell for specific professional weightlifting competitions or some gyms, but it is not as popular as cast iron kettlebell groups. 

It is more suitable for professional athletes or professional kettlebell competitions.

Choose a kettlebell

Which kettlebell weight is right for me? 

Or which weight should I choose?

Kettlebell manufacturers and wholesalers supply a large number of weight kits, which will cause you to wonder how to choose the right kettlebell. (To say one more thing, if you choose an adjustable kettlebell, you don’t have so much trouble through adjusting the plates). Choosing the appropriate kettlebell weight will help you exercise and prevent injuries during the exercise.

There is no unified answer to the choice of kettlebell weight. Due to each person’s exercise experience, habits, physique, condition, etc., the weight that suits everyone is different. We need to try kettlebells of different weights.

We need to try, not let a standard to match people, but people to choose the right kettlebell weight to exercise.