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Colorful Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Item No: W01115

Material: PU+Natural rubber

Style: Colorful Contrast Version

Size: 183*68*0.4 (cm)


Product Information



Product Name: Colorful Natural Rubber Yoga MatItem NO: W01115
Size (cm): 183*68*0.4Material: PU+Natural Rubber

Weight: 2.8kg

Style: Colorful Contrast Version

Features of Natural Rubber Yoga Mat:

■    Contrast color series, colorful PU contrast color yoga mat: A professional yoga mat, unlock your yoga talent

■    High-density natural rubber: The full weight of 2800 grams. Premium materials, bring you a comfortable and excellent exercise experience

■    Non-slip bumpy rubber sole: Pure natural rubber, naturally degradable. Super absorbent to avoid potential safety hazards caused by slipping

■    Skin-friendly and soft   toughness well

■    The product material is made of natural and environmentally friendly rubber raw materials, which are degradable.

Colorful Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Colorful Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Colorful Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Colorful Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Colorful Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Colorful Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Colorful Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Maintainance tips:

Afraid of oil:

The fine pores on the surface of the PU yoga mat make it quick-drying, but it is very easy to get stains, especially oil stains. In order to reduce the pollution rate, do not contact any oily substances on the surface. Before using, please ensure that your hands and feet are clean and free of oil.


Don’t use cleaning products containing tea tree oil or oily ingredients. We recommend using a plate of clean water with a drop of dishwashing liquid, wet it with a rag, squeezing out excess water, wiping it, and then laying it flat to dry, don’t soak it, prevent residual liquid on the surface of the yoga mat


After cleaning or use, please lay it flat in a ventilated shade to dry naturally. The yoga mat is made of natural rubber and should not be exposed to the sun.


When storing, please put the side with the LOGO outside, roll it up, prevent wrinkles, Don’t fold the PU side relative to each other to prevent sticking

About Odour:

The PU rubber yoga mat will start to smell a little unpleasant, because no chemical fragrances are added to the mask, This is the smell of natural rubber itself, absolutely environmentally friendly and harmless, please use it with confidence, The odour will dissipate after a period of use. If you are sensitive to odor, please spread it in a ventilated place for a while.

About temperature:

In winter, when the temperature drops, do not place the yoga mat close to the fire source (for example: on the stove with floor heating), to prevent the rubber from aging and sticking, affecting normal use.


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