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TPE Material Yoga Kit

TPE Material Yoga Kit


Item No: W01125

Weight: 3000g

Material: TPE

OEM/ODM: Acceptable

Include: TPE yoga mat, TPE yoga blocks, TPE wheel, Yoga strap

Features of TPE Material Yoga Kit:

■  The yoga mat kit for workout, stretch, and relaxation, perfect for beginners and advanced yogis. Yoga starter kit also can also be used in the gym for general sports and workouts from pilates and stretching to balance.

■  Made of premium TPE material, the upgraded yoga mat more durable, tear-resistance and deformation than regular yoga mats.

■  Yoga wheel load-bearing 300KG, TPE yoga mat weight 0.95kg, TPE yoga blocks weight 200g, Yoga strap are made of 100% cotton.

■  Yoga blocks, yoga strap and resistance band can support and deepen your stretches while also working to increase your range of motion and improve your flexibility and alignment, helping you assist with hard-to-reach poses.

■ The yoga wheel and blocks can help to align the yoga poses andthe strap can assist to stretch body and achieve advanced yoga asana. And all can be customized.

■  Four colors for your choice: black, green, pink and purple.

TPE Material Yoga Kit

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