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Suede Yoga Towel Massage Set

Suede Yoga Towel Massage Set


Item No: W01129

Types of Yoga Sets: Yoga Massage Set 

OEM/ODM: Acceptable

Include: Suede Yoga Towel+ Bamboo Yoga Block+Fabric Booty Band+Spick PVC Yoga Ball+3D Texture Massage Stick

Featurers of Suede Yoga Towel Massage Set:

  • This yoga massage kit includes a variety of different tools, each with unique strengths and benefits:

  • Suede Yoga Towel has anti-slip and sweat-absorbing functions, making you more stable and comfortable during yoga practice.

  • Bamboo Yoga Blocks  eco-friendly, durable, suitable for long-term use, can be used to improve body balance, posture and depth. 

  • Fabric hip belt can be used to strengthen the training and shaping of muscles and strengthen the core&balance.

  • Spick PVC yoga ball can strengthen muscle exercises and balance exercises, help relax the body and increase flexibility.

  • 3D textured massage stick can be used to massage muscles and relieve fatigue, improve body flexibility, and avoid sports injuries.

  • The yoga massage set allows you to tailor massage, strengthening training, balance exercises and deep relaxation to your needs for better health and body. At the same time, these tools are very suitable for use at home or traveling, allowing you to carry out your own yoga practice and massage anytime, anywhere.

Suede Yoga Towel Massage Set

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