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Pelvic Floor & Leg Slimming Trainer

Pelvic Floor & Leg Slimming Trainer


Item No: W01910

Material: TRP+PP+Thickened Spring

Weight: 0.55kg

Color: Pink, Blue, Green.

Features of Pelvic Floor & Leg Slimming Trainer:

■   Light and portable, convenient to use and easy to store.

■   Triangle structure shape design makes it have good elasticity and strong toughness. Reduce the fat of thighs after long-term use.

■   Kegel exercise products shape beautiful buttocks and change sedentary posture. Activate hip muscle groups in a short time. 

■   Multipurpose: Best for a thin body, thigh trimmer, shape your back, exerciser leg and arm. Fits all fitness level people who want to have physical training.

■   Multiple colors for your choices: Pink, blue and green.

Pelvic Floor


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