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Mini Foldable Electric Walking Pad

Mini Foldable Electric Walking Pad


Item NO: W11409

Material: steel and iron
Size: 1250*1215*500mm
Weight: 17.5kg
Power: 2.0HP
Running belt area: 100*38CM
Load capacity: 100kg





Features of Mini Foldable Electric Walking Pad:

■  Two-in-one folding treadmill is a fast-running treadmill, but also the work of continuous exercise under the table walking machine.

■  Widened five-layer non-slip running belt, 500mm running platform design, diamond pattern precision silent running belt anti-slip shock absorption, 100mm safety side strips, support column significantly absorbs impact and provides cushioning for knees, muscles and joints.

■  The multi-function LED display makes it easy to track speed, distance, time and calories in real time, and the remote control allows you to exercise without having to manually switch the display.

■  Live fat burning class, the integration of HIIT + TABATA and other training modes star personal trainer to accompany the whole process, double fat burning, simulate the real running scene.

■  The powerful 2.5-power motor provides a large load capacity of up to 280 lbs. Allows you to run at speeds up to 7.6 mph and walk at 3.8 mph when placed under a table.

■  The foldable design and transport wheels make it easy to move and store, and when folded it can be placed vertically about 90 occupying less than 0.3 square meters, making it ideal for home, apartment and office use.

■  Dual mode switch at will

Regular form for the treadmill, put down the handrail into a walker, fast walking mode jogging mode switch at will. 1 ~ 6KM / H different speeds freely adjustable and controllable.

■  Silent motor with double sound insulation running belt, strict control of the source of noise, microporous high. Density closed sound insulation technology, silent enjoy running.

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