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Shock-absorbing Indoor Spin Bike

Shock-absorbing Indoor Spin Bike


Item No: W11119

Max load capacity: 120KG 

Size: 1005*495*1150MM 

Resistance: Wool felt resistance

Drive mode: two-way belt drive

Flywheel weight: 6KG / can be customized 8/10/13KG 

Electronic meter display: heart rate/scan/speed/calories/time/distance

Indoor Spin Bike Product Specifications

Indoor Spin Bike

Indoor Spin Bike Details

Features of Shock-absorbing Indoor Spin Bike:

■  Triangular load-bearing structure

Scientific load-bearing structure thickened and thickened elliptical tube

■ Belt drive quiet and comfortable]

Flywheel using belt drive, operation quieter

■  Ergonomically designed adjustable cushion handle position

■  Multiple riding scenarios can be adjusted at will: leisure mode, road mode, climbing mode

■  Adjustment range is wider for more people

The whole family can use the bike, 6cm cushion front and rear adjustment, 5-speed handlebar and cushion height adjustment

■  Safety non-slip footrest

To prevent the palms of the feet from slipping in the movement caused by safety hazards

■  Convenient mobile roll test

The head of the car can be pressed down to use the rollers to move easily

■  Dynamic cycling

Ergonomic/aerobic/family/rounded corners do not bump

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