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Indoor Pedal Cycling Bike

Indoor Pedal Cycling Bike


Item No: W11112

Product size: 101*50*114cm

Maximum load capacity: 120 Kg

Material: sprayed steel pipe, main frame: 1.3 thick, armrest 1.5 thick

Full package type, flywheel: 6.0kg *with small electronic meter

Transmission method: belt transmission

Brake system: Wool felt   

Electronic meter display: Scan, speed, time, distance, calories, Odo, Pulse

Cushion: soft cushion




Features of Indoor pedal cycling bike:

■    Adopt thickened load-bearing pipe

Safety beam load-bearing using the principle of crane boom thickened front support, the whole car thickened load-bearing tube, more sturdy and secure.

■    Quiet dynamic exercise bike belt

TVI dynamic bike using the belt drive "flywheel principle of noise is lower than the sound of normal conversation with people (quieter).

■    Suitable for the whole family exercise

Let the whole family share sports health, cushion height before and after, armrest height before and after, resistance intensity can be adjusted in multiple gears for all height and age groups.

■    Adjustable resistance of dynamic cycling

The resistance adjustment knob, left and right rotation, can increase or decrease the resistance, the strength of free control.

■    Breathable cushion

Breathable cushion, not stuffy when using sweat. Dynamic cycling cushion can be adjusted to the right position to give you the feeling of intimacy.

■    Spring shock absorption

Comfortable and safe, reduce vibration, prevent sports, spinal injury, more outdoor sports experience.

■    Cell phone tray under the display, combines sports and leisure into one.

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