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Fabric Resistance Band

Fabric Resistance Band


Item No: W01605
Material: Latex yarn
Size: 67/77/87*8*0.8cm

Color: Red/Blue/Black
Weight: 101/110/132g

Product Information



Item No: W01605

OEM/ODM: Acceptable
Material: Latex yarnOrigin: China
Size: 32*8/37*8/42* 8cmLogo: Customized Logo Available
Color: Red/Blue/BlackType: Fitness/Yoga
Weight: 101/110/132g

Package: 40*35*40cm/ctn 160/ 130/130pcs/ctn 18/16/19kg/ctn

Features of Fabric Resistance Band: 

Resistance hip bands are useful tool to get a challenging workout without bulky and inconvenient equipment. Resistance exercise bands, the evolution of resistance workouts, and is ideal for targeting the lower body and core. They are thicker than standard workout bands and come in higher resistances to activate hips, quads, glutes, hamstrings. They have 3 color-coded progressive resistance levels that record progress from one level to the next at a glance and enable users to progress as their capabilities improve. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, resistance hip bands are easy to use and can be customized for strength and capabilities. Exercise bands for legs and butt are made of elastic threads and durable cotton, which has the advantages of comfortable elasticity, uniform resistance, and durability. Built-in non-slip stripe for added friction, no worry about the hip loop slipping off, enjoy the exercise training.
These workout circle bands are ideal for training in yoga rooms, gyms, playgrounds, parks, homes, beaches, etc. With these bands, you have the freedom to move your body freely and thus making it possible to hit your glutes and legs from many different angles. Suitable for a variety of sports, including squat, donkey kick, lunges, hip bridge, kickbacks, side to side leg raises, crab walks, fire hydrant, and more!

Fabric Resistance Band

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