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Custom Dumbbells

It is important to Customize Dumbbell Logos, as an OEM Dumbbell Manufacturer, Wavar provides a full range of dumbbell products customization service. You only need to put forward your customization needs, we can design and customize dumbbells for you (including customizing material, shape, weight, logo and packaging) .

Dumbbells as weight training equipment that for every gym and fitness enthusiasts, so it is very important to customize the logo and branding for your gym or fitness club, which can show the power of your gym/club, promote your brand, and improve your image.

(Last update: Tuesday, 2022/05/31)

We design customized dumbbells for you, all using environmentally friendly and durable materials, no threat to the human body, after a long time of use will not appear broken or bent, reliable quality and competitive price, so please contact us immediately and send your custom needs, Wavar will design a sample for you as soon as possible.

Logo Customization Process

1. Send your logo to us after releasing your order; 

2. Work with our designer to determine the pattern and the position; 

3. Determine the technic and the craftwork with our factory; 

4. Produce the samples and deliver to you for your approval; 

5. Place your order for mass production.






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    The advantage of  Wavar Customized Logos

    Made in China with high quality and competitive prices

    Provide customized logo for dumbbells

    Free design of logos for dumbbells

    Industry logo design with the highest resolution, customized details of logo

    Steel/Cast iron material available

    Private the weights of dumbbells

    Multi-color available

    All styles of dumbbells can be customized

    Electroplating/painting, surface processing options

    Fastest due date of producing

    The benefits of Custom Logo Dumbbells for you

    Custom logos help to create a brand image.

    If you have customized dumbbells in Wavar, it means that you care about the influence of brand and image. You may have your own dumbbells or fitness equipment chain stores, but don't have a dedicated manufacturer. Wavar can help you create a great customized logo that can help develop a brand image. For the sport-goods chain stores or top fitness clubs that wants to build their brand image or make a difference in their business, Wavar is the best choice for you.

    Custom logos bring your business a good reputation.

    A large number of studies have shown that consumers prefer branded products, which is always connected with product quality and customer loyalty. When the potential customers see high-quality logo design and packaging, they will automatically connect it to "quality and professionalism". That's the power of the brand, and that even may drive them to choose your product.

    Customized logos bring team cohesion.

    A representative logo can bring cohesion and pride to your team, it can bring motivation to the whole team.


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