Peanut Shape Silicone Massage Ball

Item No.: W03107

Size: 125*63mm

Weight: 97.5g

OEM/ODM: Acceptable

Product Information



Item No: W03107Place of Origin: China
Material: silicone+PP plasticOEM/ODM: Acceptable
Color: Blue, Green, Orange or Customized

Feature: Full Body Massage

Size: 125*63mm or CustomizedCertificate: ISO9001,ROHS
Weight: 97.5g (Approx.)Package: Customized (Min. Order: 500 Pieces)
Logo: Customized Logo Available (Min. Order: 200 Pieces)Graph: Customized (Min. Order: 500 Pieces)


■    3D Rounded Corners: The 4.7mm diameter 3D raised spots provide great massage for deep tissue muscle.

■    Lightweight and portable: Small and ideal for easy travel to anywhere you like, fit your hands & pockets. 

■    Environmental & Safe: Made of eco-friendly Silicone that is dirty-resistant & easy to clean with no smell.

■    Physical Therapy: Therapeutic tool for Chronic Pain, muscle tension in the back, neck, feet, shoulders, etc.

■    Widely Application: Used in a variety of ways like recovery, massage therapy, core or usual fitness training.

■    Perfect for Everyone: Suitable for clients of all levels from beginners to athletes, freelancers to expert pros.

■    With Pump Points: These will be like trigger points to help you relieve muscle tension and improve circulation.

Peanut Silicone Massage Ball FAQ: 

Technique Basics of Massage Ball Therapy 

The basic mechanism of tennis ball massage, or any massage with any kind of ball, is to apply appropriate pressure to a specific stiff or aching part of the body, usually some parts that can not be easily reached such as the back, by placing the ball between your body and a mat, floor, wall or something else.

Why Are Peanut Silicone Massage Ball Good?

Peanut mage ball offers versatility for muscle tension relief. It is softer than any other types. The points are not spiky, but round, smooth points, so the pain will be less than that of PVC spiky massage ball. Most importantly, our peanut silicon massage are more comfortable. We do full inspectation to ensure the quality. So, welcome all inquiry come to us.

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