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PVC Speed Skipping Rope

Item No.: W05101

Material: Plastic, EVA, PVC+Wire Rope

Color: Black, blue, red, green

Rope Length: 3M(Adjustable)

OEM / ODM: Acceptable


Product Information



Item No.: W05101OEM / ODM: Acceptable
Material: Plastic, EVA, PVC+Wire Rope

Package: Each in a OPP bag ,  or customized

Color: Black, blue, red, greenLogo: customized
Rope Length: 3M(Adjustable)

Usage: Gym Exercise


This kind of rope skipping is processed with PVC new material and processed by a multi-channel program. 

EVA foam handle made of frosted design, in order to ensure a comfortable grip, but also played a role in sweat absorption, anti-skid, anti-odor. 

The dust-proof bearing is used at the connection between the rope and the handle, which can achieve 360-degree low-noise rotation, durable and stable. In the process of use, the rope swings smoothly with the rhythm of movement, and the rope head is recommended for rope skipping, which is convenient to adjust the length of rope skipping freely and adapt to various groups of people.

The rope body is made of thick PVC embedded steel wire rope, which is strong and wear-resistant without floating, which is conducive to the improvement of rope skipping speed. The thicker steel wire makes the rope skipping more flexible, the rope weight is moderate, and the rhythm of rope skipping is stronger so that the user's experience is better.

Durable Skipping Rope

PVC-wrapped steel wire rope, which is very durable and tangle-free, has a long service life, can adapt to different ground conditions, safer and faster for no matter adults or children.

Ball Bearing

360 Degree Low Noise Rotation Ball Bearing-tangle-free, durable, the ball bearings in the handles offer smooth fast rotation tangle-free when fast jumping, this will give you a great sense of experience in fast skipping.

EVA Memory Foam Handles

Non-Slip foam handles offer a comfortable hand grip feeling when jumping, soft and sweat-proof. Handle is 5.9 inches in length, diameter 1.18 inches.

Rope Length Adjustable

The original length of the skipping rope is 3m, users can shorten its length according to different people's height.

Sports Fitness

Jump rope can shape your cardio endurance, stamina and speed, while improving the muscle tension of your whole body. 

Speed Jump PVC Skipping Rope

Speed Jump PVC Skipping Rope

Speed Jump PVC Skipping Rope

PVC Skipping Rope is made of sturdy and durable PVC material with adjustable length of 3 meters and multiple functions suitable for children and adults.

We are a manufacturer and wholesaler of custom PVC Skipping Rope with competitive price. We offer good price to customers who want to purchase in bulk. We accept OEM and provide customization for Skipping Rope of private brands.

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