Smooth & Weighted Hula Hoop

Item No: W04304

Material: Steel Tube + Foamed Cotton Shell

NO. of Sections: 6


Product Information



NO. Of SectionsMaterialDiameter (cm)ColorWeight
6Steel Tube + Foamed Cotton Shell88White, Blue, Pink, Purple1kg

Features of Weight Hula Hoop:

■  Perfect Tool for Weight Loss, Foam Shell, Stainless Steel Tube, Detachable into 6 Sections

■  Slim Waist, Build up Hip line, Reduce Belly, Burn Calories, Release Stress

■  Ideal for Post Delivery Women, Office Workers, Students, and More

■  Secure & Tight Connection and Locking, Aesthetic & Delicate, Portable & Detachable

■  Unique Outer Tube Design for Massage, Allow for Easy Fat Burning

■  Free to Add Sand, Small Stones, Rices to Increase Training Intensity

■  Premium Foamed Cotton, Comfortable Texture

■  Extra-Thick Inner Steel Tube, Improved Compressing Resistance

■  Necessary and Ideal for Aerobics, Weight Loss, Body Shaping, and More

■  Available in a Variety of Colors