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Smart Hula Hoop

Smart Hula Hoop


Item No: W04301

Material: ABS

Diameter: 23cm

Length: 78cm

Product Information



DiameterMaterialLengthLength of Each SectionWith Adding One Single Section, the  Hoop Diameter will increase byMaximum Waistline

Features of Smart Hula Hoop:

■  Anti-Falling Off Hula Hoop, Completely Upgrade to the Exercise, Sliding Track & Gravity Hammer Provide 360 Degree Massage for All the Major Muscles of Waist.

■  Take up Only 1 m² Workout Space

■  Allow for Easy Exercise Anywhere & Anytime

■  Low Impact but Beneficial: Slim Waist, Build up Hip line, Reduce Belly, Burn Calories, Release Stress

■  High-Quality Construction, Come with a Start Counter, Secure Buckles, Shock-Absorbing Massage Board, Sliding Gravity Hammer, Main Sliding Track

■  Electronic Intelligent Counter, Automatic Data Recording

■  Easy to Assemble without Using Any Extra Tool

■  Unique Gravity Hammer, Comes with 4 Roller Wheels at the Bottom

■  Shock-Absorbing Massage Board

■  Necessary and Ideal for Aerobics, Weight Loss, Body Shaping, and More

■  Product Parameter, Come with 3 Extra Detachable Sections. Adding One Single Section Increases the  Hoop Diameter by 3cm. Ideal for All Individuals with a Waistline of 110 cm or Less(Minimum Diameter: 23.5cm)

Smart Hula Hoop

Smart Hula Hoop

Smart Hula Hoop

Smart Hula Hoop

Smart Hula Hoop


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