Custom Silicone Finger Trainer Hand Grip Strength Trainer Finger Exerciser

Item No.: W04203

Material: Silicone

Weight: 15.4 g per pc

OEM/ODM : Acceptable


Product Information



Item No: W04203Place of Origin: China
Material: SiliconeOEM/ODM: Acceptable
Color: Customized

Feature: Finger Training

Weight: 15.4 g per pc (Approx.) Certificate: ISO9001,ROHS
Resistance levels: 3 Levels 6.6/8.8/11 Lbs(3kg/4kg/5kg)Package: Customized (Min. Order: 500 Pieces)

Graph: Customized (Min. Order: 500 Pieces)



■    Superior Quality: Made of top grade silicone with great durability, wear & dirty resitance & easy to clean.

■    Recovery & Relaxation: Perfect for rehabilitation and relax your overused fingers in a real comfotable way.

■    Three Resistance Levels: Come with 3 resistance levels (6.6/8.8/11lbs) for all age groups and all hand sizes.

■    Lightweight & Portable: Ideal size for easy travel and easy fit into your pockets and easy to use anywhere. 

■    Environmental & Safe: Made of eco-friendly and order-free material that is biodegradable and recyclable. 

■    For All of Us: Suitable for all gage groups, workouts enthusiasts of all levels and people of all professions.

About Finger Strengthener & Hand Grip Trainer:

【Do you really need a finger exerciser?】

Overuse of your wrist or finger will casue pain & injuries such as arthritis or tendonitis. Finger exerciser and hand grip trainer will relax your fingers and relieve stiffness and muscle tension. Moreover, they will improve the strength of fingers, wrists and forearms, which will ensure better performance in everyday activities. 

【How to use finger exerciser?】

Firstly, set the loops on each finger with fingertips relaxed and close together. Secondly, slowly extend and spread the fingers apart, and keep it extended for three seconds, then loose  them slowly.