EPP Foam Roller Smooth Foam Roller

Item No.: W01401

Size: 30/45/60/90cm (L)*15cm (D)

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Product: EPP Foam RollerItem No.: W01401
Size(L*D): 30/45/60/90cm (L)*15cm (D)LOGO: Customized
Color: Black, blue, red, purple, pink, customized colorMaterial: Expanded Polypropylene
Brand Name: WAVARFunction: Physical Therapy, Pilates, Yoga, Stretching, Balance & Core Exercises
Min. Order: 100Feature: High density, Durable-layers, Eco-friendly
Delivery Time: NegotiablePackaging: Customized

EPP Foam Roller Smooth Foam Roller

EPP Foam Roller Smooth Foam Roller

EPP Foam Roller Smooth Foam Roller

EPP Foam Roller Smooth Foam Roller

Foam Roller is made of high density EPP eco-friendly Foam material, light weight, high hardness with no odor. The interaction between the roller and body provides great stimulation and relief for the deep muscle tissues. EPP materials can reduce costs and improve performance.

EPP Foam Roller is durable, smooth, soft and non-slip. EPP Smooth Foam Roller, The best choice for yoga, strength, core balance and stable exercise.

High density EPP foam roller, help to relieve tense muscle, wil not lose shape after repeated use, ideal for atheletes and anyone who need extra support

Foam Roller suppliers provide sturdy and durable EPP Foam Roller. Our Foam Roller factory is in China, manufacturing and producing Foam Roller. If you want to wholesale Foam Roller products, please contact us and we will offer you a better deal.

Features of EPP Smooth Foam Roller:

■    SELF-MASSAGE: Helps to release muscle tension and emotional stress & improve muscle mobility, flexibility.

■    PHYSICAL THERAPY: Alleviates many musculoskeletal problems like tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, myalgia, etc. 

■    EXTRA FIRM: Made of Epp, extremely durable with good resilience, chemical-resistance & wear-resistance.

■    PREVENT MUSCLE INJURY: Perfect for positioning, balance, body coordination and strengthening activities. 

■    ECO-FRIENDLY:  Made of  Expanded Polypropylene, which is totally degradable, recyclable and eco-friendly.

■    VERSITILE & PRACTICAL:  Ideal supplementary equipment for yoga, recovery training, trigger point massage.

■    HIGH QUALITY:  High-density, great resilience and cushioning, bend-resistance under tension or weight.  

■    GOOD FOR EVERYONE: Suitable for men and women, beginners and professionals, newbies and athletes. 

■    LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: Lightweight, easy to clean and transport for a self-massage at home & work. 

■    4-SIZE AVAILABLE: Measures approximately 36 Inch, 24 Inch, 18 Inch, 12 Inch long and 6 inch wide(Dia.).

How to perform self-therapy with a foam roller?

【For lower back:】

Place a foam roller beneath your mid-back, lie down with face up. Bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor. Raise your hips off the floor slightly. Roll back and forth for some time.


Place a foam roller beneath one of your knees with your leg straight. Cross your left leg over your right ankle. Put aginst the floor for support. Roll upper your body back and forth for 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

【For Iliotibial-Band:】

Lie on your right side and place your hip on a foam roller with hands on floor. Cross your left foot over your right with your left foot kept flat on the floor. Roll your body and back forth for 30s, Repeat on the othe side.

【For Gluteus:】

Cross right leg over left thigh, sit on a foam roller. Roll back & forth for some time. Repeat on the other side.

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