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Home Gym Fitness Free Weight Set 15/20/30/45/50/55kg

Home Gym Fitness Free Weight Set 15/20/30/45/50/55kg


Item No: W02311

Weight: 15/20/30/45/50/55kg

OEM/ODM: Acceptable

Material: Cast iron+Stoving Varnish

Price: Wholesale with competitive price

Wavar offers high-quality adjustable dumbbell sets for fitness equipment suppliers, shopping malls, and fitness coach training institutions. The adjustable dumbbell weight set is plated for durability and easy to operate can meet the training needs of different customers.

As one-stop adjustable dumbbell set factory, Wavar will supply you with wholesale high-quality dumbbell sets at a lower price without middlemen. One-on-one sales manager will answer your questions about the product and after-sales service to solve all worries in time. Don't hesitate to contact us for a quote on dumbbell sets!

Adjustable Dumbbell Sets Cases Packaging & Container Loading Process:

Wholesale Multifunctional Iron Cast Paint Dumbbell Barbell Kit

Wholesale Multifunctional Iron Cast Paint Dumbbell Barbell Kit Features: 

■    Electroplating Stoving Varnish dumbbell and barbell set.

■    Vary adjustable free weights from light weight to heavy weight

■    Durable and anti-rust with electroplating Steel and Stoving Varnish plates

■    Easy to carry with customized case box

■    Hand protection due to anti-slip dumbbell bar with coated rubber design.

Wholesale Multifunctional Iron Cast Paint Dumbbell Barbell Kit

Wavar will provide you best dumbbell sets with wholesale price, and we have multi-channel Upstream professional supply chains for all weightlifting needs.

By partnering with us, Dumbbell Barbell Sets retailers can offer customers top-quality fitness equipment that meets their needs for strength training, flexibility, and versatility. Our dedication to quality, diverse product range, marketing support, and competitive pricing make us an ideal partner for retailers seeking to enhance their product offerings and drive business growth in the fitness equipment market.

New types of barbell and dumbbell sets are being introduced. If you require any further information, please feel free to contact us.

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