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Boxing Training Gloves

Boxing Training Gloves


Item No: W06212

Material: Thickened imitation leather PU

Colors: Black, White, Yellow, Red, Blue

Size: 8oz, 10oz, 12oz

Product Information



Product NameBoxing Training Gloves
Item NoW06212
Item of ApplicationSanda, Muay Thai, Fitness, Boxing
MaterialThickened imitation leather PU
ColorsBlack, White, Yellow, Red, Blue
Size8oz, 10oz, 12oz


■    Composite wear-resistant  PU material: Thickened PU surface for higher durability and better comfort

■    Upgraded grip bar, the grip is firm and comfortable; palm ventilated mesh can ventilate a large area and provide better heat dissipation performance.

■    Exquisite glove appearance: The appearance is designed with folds, and the punch is made of high-elastic EVA material, which has better buffering effect, giving people a sense of double superiority in vision and touch.

■    9cm Velcro

■    The wrist is widened and lengthened to increase the protection ability of the wrist

Boxing Training Gloves

Boxing Training Gloves

Applicable Groups:

White-collar workers who lack exercise, obese people, adolescents, and children

How to choose suitable for their own boxing gloves?

Boxing gloves with ropes are better than those with sticky buttons. The quality of boxing gloves with ropes is different from the inner lining in boxing matches. The effect of the high-quality sponge is that it feels very powerful when it is carried out, and the elasticity of punching sandbags is obviously better than that of inferior sponge gloves.

The tightness of the gloves is a secondary issue, mainly the feeling of the boxer, usually before wearing the boxing gloves will be wrapped in gauze to prevent sweaty hands and fists slipping inside the gloves.

In addition, the choice of boxing gloves, the thickness of the problem is also very important. Thin gloves are used to hit sandbags, while thick gloves are used more in boxing.

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