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Yoga Mat Manufacturer Philippines

May 26, 2021


Until now, Philippine yoga mat manufacturers have surely attracted quite a few buyers attention. If you are still looking forward to finding a very first yoga mat with the best quality for yourself, or just finding the best yoga mat supplier to set out your business. Let me say, besides yoga mat manufacturers in Philippines, I will also recommend you a new manufacturer-Wavar, who will definitely surprise you and meet all requirements.

Who Are We

Wavar is a Chinese fitness equipment supplier and exporter located in the north of China. It takes advantage of the manufacturing technology and years of experience in foreign trade to control the product materials and processes.


Besides yoga mats, we provide a wide range of fitness equipment, and our business portfolio has been extended across the country. Yoga mats are our hot selling products, and we are receiving large orders from both new and returned customers.


We set a professional sales team and seasoned design staff for your customization need. And, we also are responsible for the services we provide, if you choose us, you will experience excellent service.


We are committed to the concept of putting customers' need above everything. Our aim is to set a win-win business with all people who want to buy our products.


Back to the point, which yoga mats are selling in Philippines? See different yoga mats below here. And l believe that you will pick the one that fits your aesthetics, your yoga practice, and promote sales.

NBR Yoga Mat

Our NBR yoga mats are of a higher density than other brands to compensate the NBR material setback.Yoga Mat


NBR material is widely used in the automobile industry, petroleum, aviation, and other fields. It is a synthetic rubber material.


NBR yoga mat has many advantages such as excellent oil resistance, high wear resistance, good heat resistance, and strong adhesion. Besides, it also has good water resistance and airtightness. Due to its cheap price, it is always the first choice for yoga beginners.


Poor elasticity of NBR material makes the mat uneasy to bounce back. The filler which is made from lime is added to increase the weight of a NBR yoga mat. This is why some mats may give your skin a sense of burning, and even allergies in some severe cases. But, our yoga mats are strictly controlled the adding of lime, so when you use our mats, you will feel the difference.

Cork Yoga Mat


A real cork yoga mat is made of natural solid wood and natural rubber, using glue-free bonding technology.


Yoga mats made from these two materials are the most environmentally friendly yoga mats. So, for parent-child interactive yoga practice and nature-lovers, this type of yoga mat must be the top priority.


Cork yoga mats made of two eco-friendly materials- rubber and cork, are the most expensive mats above all. In addition, traction will reduce greatly when water or sweat is adhered to the surface. And people need to note that whether you are allergic to cork material.

TPE Yoga Mat


To response customers’ calling for a safer yoga mats, the TPE material is invented. It is more durable and cheaper to make and have many same properties as rubber and silicone. It is like NBR material yoga mat, a synthetic material yoga mat.


A safer material for babies, it has good resilience and good anti-slip effect. It is the mainstream yoga mat material (most domestic yoga studios are TPE), durable and affordable.


The slip resistance will be reduced when wet, and timely maintenance is required.


Filipino young adults mainly live and work in cities. These active consumers regard health and vitality as their primary consideration. They tend to buy products and services that make their busy lives more convenient and vigorous. Therefore, in the fitness market that is just beginning to be active, factories first discovered business opportunities, so, yoga mats, as primary fitness necessities, became the most popular products.

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