Types of Boxing Gloves

January 05, 2024

With the focus being only on using the hands as the point of attack, means that the boxing glove is designed for one purpose and one purpose only, punching. Without any requirement to worry about grappling or carrying? The boxer simply needs a glove that will pad both his hand and the opponents head from unnecessary damage.

Boxing gloves come in four primary categories: Bag, Sparring, Training, and Competition. To understand which of these options will be the best boxing glove for you, you will need to know what your primary use will be.

• Competition gloves

Competition gloves is designed to protect both athletes during competitions, built according to official regulations. Competition Gloves are generally less padded than other glove types and are lighter and smaller than gloves used for training. They are built to protect your knuckles and wrists, while allowing you to “feel” the contact. If you intend to compete, you will most likely be required to supply a set of Competition Gloves. Some tournaments, however, will supply these for you.

• Sparring gloves

Sparring Gloves are built to protect you and your partner while you spar in the ring. Sparring gloves are heavier than competition gloves,  help you to improve punch speed and endurance. If you can only afford one pair of gloves for training, then choose Sparring Gloves. You can always hit the bag with a set of sparring gloves, but you won’t want to spar with bag gloves.

• Bag gloves

Bag gloves are a cushioned gloves to protect the athlete's hands against heavy strikes on punching bags. These are the gloves most recommended by trainers for all boxing training, especially for non-sparrers.

Bag Gloves have ample wrist support and significant padding over the knuckles. This provides substantial protection from the constant impact with the heavy bag. They also tend to be lighter than sparring gloves to allow fighters to throw punches for longer than with a heavier sparring glove. If you intend to focus on bag work, need a separate pair of gloves for hitting the bag, or have taken up fitness boxing, you will want Bag Gloves.

• Training Gloves

Training Gloves are intended to be an all purpose glove for training. Designed to provide proper protection for both bag work and in-ring sparring, they are a bit of a hybrid between the two glove styles. Some Training Gloves manage this hybridization really well, but not all manufacturers nail this mash-up. If you are just getting into boxing, training gloves are a good option. But you’ll want to do some research on which ones are worth the money.

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