Things to Know When Buying Foam Roller

April 25, 2021

Foam roller or trigger point Foam roller is a self-massage tool that helps increase flexibility and speed up muscle recovery, release deep tissue tension. Rolling Foam roller is a technique which is widely used by athletes and exercise rehabilitation.

The Benefits of Using Foam Roller

1.When muscles, tendons, ligaments and Myofascials are injured, their collagen fibers will not completely grow in the original order during recovery process, and may wrongly connect with other layers of fascia. However, a trigger point foam roller can reduce the risk;

2.Self-myofascial Release can reduce the pressure on deep tissue, relieve shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain, and increase the make joints more agility. Using foam rollers after training to reduce soreness and promote recovery.

3.Our joints need a series of muscles working together to keep them moving, and if one of them becomes tense, it causes an imbalance. The benefits of foam roller is to reduce imbalance.

4.Foam roller exercises help maintain muscle length and tension.

Grid Foam Roller

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Soft foam roller

Foam shaft density low hardness is small it is the lightest material foam roller;When you sit on it, it feels very soft.For relaxation after strength training, use a low-density foam roller.There will be some pain in the beginning, but as the body gets used to it, the discomfort will gradually ease.You can choose a harder foam roller.

Hard foam roller

There are many types of High density foam roller, such as as grid foam roller (also called trigger point foam roller). For example, if what you want is stronger, deeper, and more focused fascial relaxation,It's obvious the best choice. However, if you experience an increased pain or muscle tightness when using it, it's best to choose a low-density foam roller.

Medium Hardness foam roller

The moderately dense trigger point foam roller is perfect for all purposes, whether you're planning to use it for stretching or to relax sore muscles.


You also need to consider the size of the foam rollers. If you want to relax a large muscle group, such as the thighs, lower back and shoulders, then you may need a foam roller with a larger diameter. Small Foam rollers are more suitable for small muscle groups, such as certain tissue, and arms.


There are also thousands trigger point foam rollers in the market. The material actually determines the hardness of the foam roller, so when buying a foam roller, you'd better know them well or try some in a local store.

Buy Wavar Grid Foam Roller

1. Grid foam roller is ideal for beginners, non-athletes and athletes.

2. Features of Wavar Foam Roller

3. Lightweight and portable, easy to clean and carry;

4. Can be used in home, office or anywhere you like for a self-massage;

5. The 3D grid mimics the therapist's hand providing great massage for deep muscle tissue;

6. Suitable for people of all levels like patients,athletes, yogis;

7. Great massage for deep muscle tissue, neck, back, shoulder;

8. Multi-colors can be chosen, accept logo customization;




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