The Best Aerobic Platforms for Step Workouts

April 07, 2021

Unlike other gym equipment, an aerobic platform is a quite simple and affordable tool that can be incorporated into a sweat session both at home or in a gym. In general, steppers are great tools to help you hit your cardiovascular workouts, burn calories, build your glutes, thighs, and lower legs. If you are going to add an aerobic fitness routine or living a sedentary lifestyle, then a step platform is the best choice.

The Benefits of Buying a Step Platform

Easy to use, just set a stepper on the floor in front of you, and step up and down at your own pace, you can also do hopping.

The best tool for aerobic exercises, stepping will strengthen your leg muscles, improve your endurance, and build up your body.

Optimize your space, due to its lightweight and portability, you can just put it in the corner after completing your workout routine.

Easy to combine with other exercises, like a dumbbell, kettlebell exercises, push-ups, and plank. The height that a platform provides will bring more challenges to your workouts.

Cost-effective, it is a simple piece of equipment that consists of sturdy boards, so the price of a step board is really cheap compared with other equipment like treadmills. In general, it ranges from $15 to $70.   

Home fitness equipment is not versatile in use, but workout steps are different. Indeed, in comparison with other fitness equipment like treadmills and stationary bikes for aerobic exercise, the lightweight and portable platforms are cost-effective and the types of workout steps vary, such as classical step platforms, 16'' high step platforms, adjustable steppers with risers, and so forth.

Classical Step Platforms

Classical, original model of all advanced step platforms. They are wildly used in gyms, and at home. There are no risers to adjust the height, and of course, it is almost affordable for all people, and also no limitation for users age.

Dimensions: 68*28*10/15cm

The Best Aerobic Platforms for Step Workouts

Features of 16'' High Step Platforms

Multiple height adjustments, 4 risers as a set are provided when you buy a step platform. Risers stack to a maximum height of 12''.  

Anti-slip Design, rough surface will ensure you a safe and stable practice. Elastic pads are attached under the base along with the shock-absorbing design, you will not need to worry about disturbing your neighbors, or scarification on your floor. There is also no need to worry about potential injures when performing your practice because the sucking disc will firmly be attached to the floor. 

Easy to install, it is lightweight, compact, and easy to install, you can use adjust the height based on your own requirements.  

Dimensions, W16’’, H10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm

Adjustable Steppers with Risers

Adjustable and Sturdy, the aerobic step platforms are sturdy and adjustable, we can do several exercises on this stepper to intense workouts such as HIIT, dumbbells rows.

4 Riser blocks, 4 risers with high quality are given once you buy a step platform, you can add the height to your preferred height without worrying about the durability.

Rough surface, the features of anti-slip will ensure your safety and comfort. This is particularly designed to fit users' hands, feet, and back.

Premium quality: the price of an adjustable stepper with risers is moderately higher than other platforms, the high-quality, sturdy ABS steppers are 5.4lbs but bear 440lbs weight in the maximum.

Fashionable appearance, the red cover of the surface makes the platform a comfortable and fashionable look.


Although stepper platforms are not popular nowadays, it's still an indispensable piece of equipment for cardio workouts. The versatility in use and surprising result you gain will bring you a great workout experience. 




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