Step by step to choose the best jumping ropes

December 02, 2022

Jumping rope, as one of the saftest exercise, has a great deal of benefit such as improving cardiopulmonary system, enhancing coordination, weight loss, etc. Skipping rope maintains a person's heart rhythm at approximately the same level as jogging, but it can prevent the knee pain  knee and ankle joints caused by running. Most importantly, It is simple, convenient, easy-to-participate and suitable for all ages. 

Here are some factors that you should take into consideration while choosing a jump rope!

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Generally speaking, it can be divided into ropeless jumping rope and long rope jumping rope. Cordless jumping cannot train the coordination of the upper and lower limbs of the body. At the same time, the calorie consumption is not so large. Therefore, long rope jumping ropes is more common and widely used.

How long should a jump rope be chosen for beginners? Firstly, keep your body upright, step on the middle point of the rope body with one foot, and pull the two skipping rope handles upward at the same level to make sure the rights preparation position; Then, the altitude of handling is equal to your chest. This length of the skipping rope is the most suitable for you. As your skipping rope level improves, the length of the rope can be adjusted appropriately.

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After skipping rope, doing some stretching exercises is also vital, such as calf stretching, lower back stretching, which can relax the muscles, make the lines slender, relieve fatigue.


Plastic jump rope is the most common, durable, and cheapest one. The weight of the plastic material is moderate, the jumping speed is moderate, and it won't hurt too much when hitting the body. It is a bit loud when jumping up and hitting the ground. If you jump upstairs, it may affect the downstairs. Another disadvantage is that this kind of rope is easier to entangle than the other two materials. Every time it is stored, and then opened, you will find it entangled together.

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Cow Skin jump rope is more textured, and bring good experience. Compared with the general entry-level plastic handle, it may be too thick and more comfortable for people with small opponents. Because of the low density of the cowhide, it is a bit fluttering when is thrown, so the speed is slower than that of plastic and steel wire rope. It hits the body when it breaks, it does not hurt, and it is not easy to be entangled in storage. If you are afraid of pain and like textures, you can choose it.

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Wire Jump Rope is more fashionable, but much thinner than the above materials. The thinner diameter of the steel wire makes the handles  easier to hold. The weight is light and the jumping speed is fast. The pain of a wire rope hitting the body is proportional to the diameter of the rope. Generally, a thinner wire rope has a lighter weight, so there is less pain than a plastic one. The speed is fast, the rope will be relatively less broken, and it is easier to jump up than plastic and cowhide. If you are already getting started, this type of rope is recommended. The disadvantage is that the wire rope will be covered with a layer of plastic film, which is easy to wear.

How to choose the best jumping rope?cid=3

PU plastic has stronger wear resistance than PVC plastic jump rope. If you often jump on the concrete floor, it is more recommended to buy a rope made of PU material. Relatively, the price of PU is more expensive. Wire ropes are usually covered with a layer of PU/PVC plastic due to its smaller in diameter, 2.5mm, 4mm, and  At this time, it is recommended to buy PU-wrapped. 


Both weighted jump rope and regular jump rope can boost your endurance, stamina, cardiorespiratory fitness, and so forth. Compared with a regular jump rope, what make a weighted jump rope excellent are two gears which are called weight blocks or weights. Different weights could be selected based on exercisers' requirements to strengthen back muscles and arm muscles. If you stick to your jumping routine with a weighted jump rope for a period of time, you will receive a significant result. In general, weights can range from 10g to 200g, and Wavar's weighted jump ropes have two types of weights, 80g and 130g.


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