Smart Hula Hoop Review: detachable hula hoops vs ordinary hula hoops

October 25, 2021

Hula hoops, also known as exercise hoops, originated in Europe and the United States in the 1950s. Because of its lightness, beauty, and the place its occupied small, so it quickly became a popular exercise tool for both young and old. With the continuous development, now its main types are three, ordinary hula hoops, detachable hula hoops, and finally also refitted from ordinary hula hoops, named luminous hula hoops, because of its shiny appearance, they gain a vast favour of children. Hula hoop movement can help you exercise and develop the waist and abdominal muscles, hip muscles, leg muscles, and can effectively improve the flexibility of the human waist, hips, knees, flexibility. As a professional fitness product supplier, hula hoop is also one of our products, I think no one knows this product better than us, so in this article, we mainly discuss the characteristics of different hula hoops, materials, etc., all-round comparison and description, to help buyers, purchasers, retailers, and people who want to buy this product to a better understanding, and hope that buyers around the world, can choose us, buy and recognize our products.

detachable hula hoops vs ordinary hula hoops

Ordinary Hula Hoops

The size of previous hula hoops were not adjustable. They often consisted of steel tubes that can not be taken apart, and also foam covers to provide more comfort when it turned around people’s tummy. Nevertheless, today’s ordinary hula hoops are different. They are combined with many segments, so they will save more space and be easier to be shipped. Today’s hula hoops are more colorful, and in a higher quality than the previous one. So, the main materials, as we mentioned above, are steel, memory foam.

Detachable Hula Hoops

Detachable hula hoops are also called weighted hula hoops. The hula hoop always has 24 detachable parts, more complex structure, a metal rail. There is also a string with a weighted ball connected, so that is why they are called weighted hula hoops as well. What is more, the weight of the ball is filled with water or sand, so the users can get the weight they want. For a more advanced version, a electric counter with a led display is added. Very turn will be recorded, including the calories, time, etc. As a result, the detachable hula hoops are more expensive than traditional hula hoops. The materials of this product are plastic, rubber, steel, and metal.

Hula Hoops for Kids

Hula hoops for kids are actually traditional hula hoops installed with lights, also called luminous hula hoops. They are made of transparent plastic tubes, strands of lights. They weight is lighter than an ordinary one, because of its plastic material not steel. There are 10 strobes, 15 strobes, 20 strobes, 24strobes. And users may need to change the batteries from time to time to keep the lights on.


Overall, hula hoops have always been exercise tools in demand. Their prices and entertainment will always make it a hot products. We welcome all buyers across the world contact us.




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