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Wholesale hula hoop

Wavar is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of hula hoops in China, supplying hula hoops for global market. We are able to supply hula hoops in various sizes, colors,and large quantity and provide one-stop shopping services for a whole process, including order confirmation, manufacturing, logistics tracking, after-sales, etc. service. You can order hula hoops directly on our website, which are certified and guaranteed.

Factory direct sales, wholesale sales of premium hula hoops for children and adults, suitable for all ages and genders. Wavar hula hoops are excellent in quality. Besides,we also support the customization of hula hoops, including LOGO, size, color, weight, smart counting, etc. Please communicate with us for detailed details.

Types of Hula HoopsFeatures
Detachable Hula HoopWith massage function, smooth, weighted
Non-Fallen Hula HoopNon-fallen, with weight ball, massage function, adjustable size
Smart Counting Hula HoopCounter, with weight ball, adjustable size

We are committed to large quantity orders, rather than small one.  Please contact us for the minimum order quantity and price of hula hoops, and we will give you a satisfying reply.

More new hula hoops are waiting to be uploaded. If you do not find the style wanted, please leave a message and our manager will send you detailed information.


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