Resistance Band Exercises for Flabby Arms

July 12, 2021

If you're traveling or out, carrying dumbbells and kettlebells is too heavy and burdensome. In fact, in addition to dumbbell, kettlebells, or many other weight products, a resistance band can also can help you shake off the arm fat. And a resistance band is easy to carry, giving you a lot convenience especially during a travel. So, what exercises can train;your flabby arms?


Resistance Band Exercises for Flabby Arms 1#

1. Stand straight, shoulder-width apart; step on the elastic rope under your feet, and grab the ropes at both ends with both hands;Resistance Band

2. Hold your chest and abdomen, relax your shoulders, keep your back straight, slowly bend your body forward, and bend your knees;

3. Pull the elastic rope with both hands and lift up behind you, keeping your arms straight during this process;

4. Keep your body stable, slowly stretch the resistance band up and down with your arms, and keep your arms straight and not bend each time you stretch upwards;

5.Then open your arms to the left and right, stretch the elastic rope, and open your arms, do not need to be too large, as long as you feel the stretching of the upper arm muscles;

 6. Finally, keep the upper arm still, gently bend the elbow, and stretch the elastic rope up and down with the strength of the forearm; in this process, the forearm must be kept stable and not shake with the forearm.


Resistance Band Exercises for Flabby Arms 2# 

1. Stand straight, step on the resistance band with both feet, hold the elastic band with both hands and sink the scapula slightly and then keep stable, and the spine neutral;

2. Tighten the core muscles to keep the trunk stable. The biceps should bend the elbow upwards. Note that the forearms should be fixed on both sides of the body. When reaching the top of the movement, hold for one second and squeeze the biceps.

3. Slowly stretch your arms down to restore, and maintain muscle tension during the movement. During this process, the forearm must be kept steady and not shake with the forearm.


Resistance Band Exercises for Flabby Arms: Bending Position 3#

Stand straight, one leg forward a small step, knee slightly bent, step on the live elastic belt, lean to the back parallel to the ground, straight back one hand holding the resistance band one end to auxiliary fixed elastic belt, the other hand holding the elastic belt at the other end. The large arms are attached to both sides of the body, the force straightens the arm, pauses slightly to bend the elbow

Things to know before resistance band exercises

1. Before exercise, do some stretching exercise will prevent muscle strain;

2. Do not overstretch the elastic belt, the general stretch should not exceed 3 times the original length.

3. Resistance bands should be fixed at both ends, because the loose or disengage will cause harm to the user. Hold your hand at least one circle around to ensure grip.




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