Regular Foam Roller vs Vibrating

July 26, 2021

Foam roller relaxation can improve the elasticity of soft tissues such as muscles to the greatest extent, which is of great significance for improving running ability and preventing pain. In the choice of vibrating foam roller or regular foam roller, which is better? Let us discuss it in this article!

Regular vs Vibrating Foam Roller

Does Foam Rolling Work?

Research has found that foam rollers can improve flexibility in a short period of time, including the range of joint movement; warming up the foam rollers can improve short-term sports performance; after activities, it can also help reduce the pain after exercise. Stretching is used as one of the ways to improve flexibility before and after training. However, if the stretching time is too long or inappropriate, it will affect sports performance. Therefore, if the foam roller is relaxed, it can be used as an alternative method to improve flexibility before training without negative effects. Then it is more recommended.

What are the benefits of using a vibrating foam roller:

  1. The fascia can be stretched more easily when you want to achieve the purpose of tension release;

  2. Wavar's foam rollers are with bumped soft surface and more suitable for massage;

  3. The stimulation of the nervous system caused by vibration is incomparable with ordinary foam roller stimulation;

  4. Because of the vibration, you can achieve the purpose of relaxation without using a lot of pressure from your body weight;

Regular Foam Roller vs Vibrating

Regular foam roller

First of all, when we use a regular foam roller to relax muscles, the most movement that occurs between the device and the body is rolling, not the sliding required to stretch the fascia. During massage, we will often increase the pressure and prolong the pressing time to increase the relaxing effect. Keeping the massage ball rolling often requires us to work hard to maintain a certain movement. In this process, it takes a long time and unnecessary physical strength. Some people may sprain due to incorrect methods of exerting force. In addition, the most painful thing is that adding pressure to a sore area will make many people unbearable, or that some areas are not suitable for pressing hard.

Vibrating foam roller

Vibrating foam roller is a new type of foam roller created with advanced technology. It has a built-in rechargeable vibrator to provide a harmonic vibration, which has been proven by research to have a good effect of relax. Compared with a regular foam roller, the effect of the foam roller is different.

Imagine that you have an electric massage ball in a prone position. Place the ball on the abdomen below the belly button. The body slowly presses against the ground. The vibration of the massage ball can promote the internal organs to slowly leave the pressing point, so that the ball will more easily touch the abdomen. For the deep psoas muscles, the important thing is that at this time, the body only needs a small amount of movement to have a good relaxing effect, so that the pain will be much less. Usually, when we massage, we tend to pay too much attention to the painful areas and press them. But the pain in a certain part is not just caused by muscle fatigue. When the body's tension is unbalanced, or when fascia adhesions occur, we will also feel pain and tension.

If it's just because of a certain muscle fatigue, it is possible to massage only this part. However, the problem that most people face is that the muscles are usually painful due to inactivity and tension, so now massage is no longer about rubbing a certain area, but to balance the tension of the body. Thus, a vibrating foam roller is a priority, because the vibrating will involve surrounding muscles and finally give you a more comfortable feeling.


In general, the effect of a vibrating foam roller is better than that of an regular roller. But it depends on your personal preference and and requirements




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