Natural Cork Yoga Mat and Why We Choose It

December 29, 2020

Natural Cork Yoga Mat and Why We Choose ItYoga mat is the most necessary workout item for yogis in daily life. The longer you practice yoga, the more you would like to have a portable yoga mat that works perfectly with you, which makes it possible to have a yoga session whenever you are in a gym, at home or in travel. So, it is important for yogis to pick a yoga mat that is right for you.


In terms of yoga mat material, there are primarily 6 materials that have been frequently used for yoga mat production. EVA yoga mat has a cheap price but low quality, and it is always odorous. PVC, namely polyvinyl chloride, is a cost-efficient and odorless material that is also the most commonly used material for daily living. TPE, also called thermoplastic rubber, has a great resilience as rubber but cheaper. Compared to PVC and EVA, TPE is eco-friendly and nontoxic with no odor. Natural rubber yoga mat features superior grip and traction with floors, which ensures a comfortable using experience for customers. Linen cotton yoga mat combines linen and rubber into one. The Linen provides a great slip-resistance while the rubber makes it soft with great resilience.


Natural cork is another top-grade material for yoga mats. Cork is the protective skin that was picked from oak, also officially called cork oak. Cork oak is available for more than 10-time repeated picking with a picking period of 8 to 9 years and life of 150 years. The bottle stopper of premium red wine is made of cork.


The natural cork yoga mat is eco-friendly and nonslip and it is always combined with other materials such as rubber. Next, we are going to talk about natural cork yoga mat from the aspects of odor, thickness, resilience, nonslip level, and etc, and why it becomes an option for you.




Elasticity, resilience in particular, matters for a perfect yoga mat. Even with only 5mm thickness and half cork and half rubber, the natural cork yoga mat still features great resilience and allows for all the movements without losing shape. It provides excellent cushioning to your knees and joints to reduce soreness and pain in training.


Sense of Touch

Cork yoga mat does not feel smooth as a rubber or PU yoga mat, but it has natural and aesthetic patterns and brings you a comfortable sense of touch. Also, natural cork lasts longer with no flaking and peeling.



Natural cork yoga mat does not work well as TPE mat in resisting slip since it has not nonslip texture. However, cork provides a better slip-resistance than TPE when sweating a lot. That is, the wetter the cork yoga mat, the more slip-resistant it will be. Therefore, sprinkle some water on the cork yoga mat before exercise for a better grip.



When it comes to a new yoga mat, the biggest worry is whether it has odor or not. Eco cork yoga mat is totally natural and has no odor except for a slight woody smell of cork, which is absolutely non-irritating. 

Wavar has been a professional yoga mat manufacturer and supplier for years. We are committed to providing you the best cork yoga mat.




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