Kettlebells Review: Adjustable Kettlebells vs Cast Iron Kettlebells vs Plastic Kettlebells

October 27, 2021

Do you know how many different kinds of kettlebells are there? The kettlebells can be broadly divided into the following types: adjustable kettlebells, iron kettlebells, plastic kettlebells. A kettlebell is a traditional Russian fitness apparatus shaped like a shell with a handle. Kettlebells are one of the products of free weight equipment and are very popular among fitness enthusiasts. We can often see the competitive competitions using kettlebellson the Internet, fancy play, looking very cool. In this article, we will evaluate from the materials and its design details, and tell people who want to buy kettlebells which are optimum. At the same time, I would like to tell you that we are a specialized fitness supplier, kettlebell such a hot product, of course, is one of our products, our team has comprehensive Kettlebell knowledge, if you need to purchase, or import, do not hesitate to contact us.


Cast Iron Kettlebells

The material of cast iron kettlebells is undoubtedly cast iron. Iron is one of the heaviest metal materials per unit volume. The kettlebell of iron material is very small,but quite heavy, like 4kg,equal to the size of an adult male fist. To prevent rust, this kettlebell has galvanized paint on its surface. Weight from 4 to 20kg is regular. 4-15kg is suitable for beginners and middle-level people, 15-20kg is for veteran fitness enthusiasts. Compared to the other two types of kettlebells,handles of cast iron kettlebells are relatively thinner and more slippery, while the size is smaller and the weight heavier. As a result, it require us to be more careful of safety. So, for of all levels, do some warm-ups before exercising, stretching down your wrists, ankles, waist position, and other body parts. In addition, there is also another type of kettlebell similar to castle iron kettlebells, cement-filled kettlebells, which per-unit of weight is also large. Many in the production process, manufacturers in order to reduce costs, to see the quality of a Cast Iron Kettlebells, look at the surface alone, I am afraid there are some difficulties, as long as the judgment, may depend on the quality of the iron, or kettrebells inside whether the real solid, and sometimes mixed with some of the material. Buyers from individual may not care much, but a large number of buyers may be aware that prices will vary after all.

Plastic Kettlebells

The shell of Plastic Kettlebell is plastic, while sand or cement is filler. This Kittlebells are generally available in a variety of colors and weights, ranging from 2-24kg, to beginners and mid-levels. Sand-filled kettlebells may not be the best choice for exercisers who specialize in kettlebells as training equipment. Because as the kettlebell moves, the sand moves the center of gravity and it is underweight . But this kettlebell is easier to grip, which is its most important advantage. It is safer than cast iron kettlebells, imagine you're doing a hot session, sweating all over your body, throwing the kettlebell to a high point, is it dangerous? If the surface of the material has been blasted, there will be a relatively smooth feel. So for a newbies who want to buy a lower-priced kettlebell, choose plastic kettlebells best.

Adjustable Kettlebells

Adjustable Kettlebells are the most expensive. They are made of assemble iron plates covered by polypropylene material to anti-rust. The biggest advantage is that the weight can be adjusted. There is interlock catch to hold and lock plates, the bottom is covered with rubber to protect floor, the top is designed with a lock for plates. Overall, the weight is not fixed. So, some one who wants many weight on one kettlebell, this one is a great.




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