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How to Use A Yoga Block

May 28, 2021


The use of a yoga block will greatly reduce the difficulty of yoga poses. For yoga beginners, due to the rigid body and poor flexibility, we cannot achieve a "standard" distance or position. While a yoga brick will solve all your worries at on time. A yoga block can fill in the height but also provide an extra length, and finally help you achieve a better score. However, yoga bricks can do more than that. For advanced yoga learners, yoga bricks can also help increase the difficulty of learning and bring greater challenges to yoga exercise.Yoga Block

Baby Pose

I believe that when you first hear the name there will be a sleeping baby in your mind. Yes, it is like a sleeping posture of the baby. To do this pose, you need to kneel on a yoga mat,and knees apart, then sit with your hips back with yoga brick lying flat between your feet. Then stretch your hands forward, and place your forehead on the yoga brick. These two movements are for beginners with poor flexibility.  Bel3eve me, they are all very useful. 

And if you want to increase the difficulty of the exercise, of course you can. You need to put your elbows on the yoga block and touch the shoulder blades with your hands back to increase the degree of shoulder and neck stretch. Very simple, right?

Downward Facing Dog

For beginners, it is more difficult to find the feeling of pressing the shoulders and necks, but the use of yoga bricks will greatly reduce the difficulty. But a yoga block will help you. Put your hands on the yoga blocks, and then do down dog pose. The more challenging posture is to step on the yoga blocks with your feet to increase the degree of shoulder and neck depression.


For yoga beginners, bridge poses may be a little difficult, but as long as you put your sacrum on the yoga bricks then support your body, the difficulty will drop a lot. 

The same action, yoga bricks can increase the difficulty, so you need to clamp the yoga bricks with your knees and focus on the chest upward exercise; or the yoga bricks are placed under the sacrum and the legs are alternately stretched upwards, which makes it a more difficult version.

Swing Pose

A yoga block will serve as perfect props to help you move back and forth fluently. To start, get on your knees, place the yoga blocks right beside your knees. Hold yoga bricks with your hands, curl up your body. Push your hands into the ground and extend your arms until your feet off the ground. Continue to press down the blocks, bring your knees closer to your chest and lift your heels up near your glutes. Then try stretching your legs out forward.

Through the above introduction, yoga block is a very good tool. I believe everyone is already very clear about the role of a yoga block in yoga practice.

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