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Yoga Block Wholesale

Yoga Block is an supplementary tool for beginners and those with poor flexibility to help adjust posture and assist the body in achieving certain movements.The Yoga Block provide support for different parts of your body, preventing strain due to lack of flexibility or muscle strength. At Wavar, we offer yoga enthusiasts, from beginner to professionals, yoga blocks in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes and materials.

Our Yoga Blocks come in different sizes and types with the perfect density and durability to meet your unique fitness needs. We offer the best quality yoga block at lowest price

EVA YOGA BLOCKHigh quality, good support performance, degradable, eco-friendly, durable.
TPE YOGA BLOCKHigh density, non-slip, waterproof,eco-friendly, flexible anti-crack, light and durable
CORK YOGA BLOCKEco-friendly, slight rebound, non-slip, good fit to the hand, easy to grasp, strong support
Bamboo Yoga BlockHigh hardness and density, eco-friendly, non-slip, water resistance, corrosion resistance, good support

Yoga Block Specification:

Size23cm×15cm or custom
Thickness7.6cm standard or custom
ColourCommon colour or custom
CustomizationCustom logo and pattern

Quality Yoga Block has the following characteristics:

◎ Anti-skid, waterproof, environmental protection and non-toxic.

◎ Flexible and crack resistant, portable and durable.

◎ Take steps to improve your flexibility.

◎ Helps each movement to achieve the required accuracy.

If you are looking for a high quality yoga block, you can choose cork yoga block or bamboo yoga block. Compared to other yoga blocks, yoga blocks made of cork and bamboo feel better and function better, but the price is relatively high.

Wavar wholesale yoga block and all products related to yoga. We are a fitness equipment supplier and offers high quality Yoga Block here at wholesale price. For custom services, we offer custom Logo, OEM and other services, offering a variety of different styles, colors and shapes to meet any customer's needs, please contact our yoga block wholesale factory for more details


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