How to Use a Step Board?

June 19, 2021

Step board exercise, with its flexible and agile movement characteristics, active and healthy rehabilitation functions, gradually affects people's lives. According to research, step board exercises can   effectively and safely strengthen human body functions, better tighten buttocks, and strengthen lower limb muscles. The step board allows various changes in simple training steps, which can be rotated and jumped up and down, and combined with strength training, the pedal training effect is more significant.(Buy step board click here)

How to Use a Step Board

Action 1: Step Board Hip Bridge

Action points: Lie on your back on the yoga mat, with your arms hanging down at your sides, hold the mat with your hands, put your feet on the board, and support your heels. Abdomen buttocks are straight up, and the thighs and calves are 90 degrees.

Action 2: Step Board Squat Jump

Action points: Stand on the pedal, jump up and separate your legs to both sides of the step board, press down, and land in a squat state, with your arms fixed on your chest. Both legs jump on the step board on both sides at the same time, and then fall down at the same time. Straighten your back during the process, tighten the core, and avoid knee buckling or abduction.

Action 3: Step Board Plank Support

Action points: In the initial state, lie prone on the ground, keep your legs still, and alternately drop the upper and lower step board with your arms to maintain your overall balance and exercise your abdomen core.

Action 4: Lateral Lunge

Action points: The center of gravity is on the foot of the board. Jump up and do side lunges alternately. Accelerating can better train the heart and lungs. Emphasize the explosive upward force and the extent of hip extension. Do your best to jump up to make the hip extension even greater.

Action 5: Step Board Lunge, Squat, Leg Lift

Action points: When you stand in a lunge pose on the side of the fitness pedal, keep your upper body upright, get up and raise your knees at the same time, making movements as stable and smooth as possible. The pelvis should not be tilted to one side during lunges, and the pelvis and upper body should always face forward.

Action 6: Step Board Alternate Knee Raise 

Action points: Support the weight of the body with both arms on the pedals with both hands, straighten the legs to the back of the body, ensure that the back is straight, and alternately and quickly move the legs to the knees. To ensure the stability and continuity of the movement, do not shake the body

Regardless of the fact that the fitness step board may seem ordinary, it is very practical and can fully meet the needs of full-body training. Perform full-body exercise with 7 movements, the number of movements is 10-15 times, 2 groups or more (training intensity can be adjusted according to your own body strength). Now enjoy your step board exercises.




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