How to Pick the Right Dumbbells for Strength Training

November 09, 2020

It is well-known that resistance and strength training are essential for keeping in good shape, weight loss, and posture correction. For beginners, it is even safer and more effective than aerobic training like running or jumping rope. Many free weights exercises we have introduced like squat, plank and so on, do not require fitness equipment to be involved, but there are still a lot of resistance and strength training do need the help of some small but useful equipment such as the most common and easy-to-get one, dumbbells. Hence, how to pick the dumbbells most suitable for you? In the following article, we will be looking at three aspects that we should take into consideration when picking dumbbells.

1. What is the right dumbbell weight for you?

Our advice is that it would be great to have a dumbbell with an adjustable weight range from 2kg to 20 kg for men, and 1kg to 10kg for women.

How to Pick the Right Dumbbells for Strength Training

Surely some girls would ask, do they really need to be that heavy for me? Two for 20kg, I have never lifted something with weight like that, not to mention use it for training. The answer is this weight range is definitely necessary and essential since the weight may be adjusted depending on which target muscle group we are training on and how is the intensity of the movement. Studies have found that only when the training weight is kept at 20%~35% 1RM or above, then it would effectively burn fat and build up muscles. Especially for the female who wants to have a better shape, it is very important to work out the muscles of the hip and bosom where it really needs some stimulation with certain levels of weights, otherwise, it will not make any difference.

Many people think that 10kg-dumbbells are too heavy to lift at the beginning, but it turns out that they have not mastered the power and training method instead of their muscle is not enough to lift 10kg dumbbells. If you practice the right way, within a week or two you will soon feel like 10kg is not enough...


How to Pick the Right Dumbbells for Strength Training2. What is the good dumbbell material?

Plating, spraying, rubber-coated, plastic-coated and sponge are the most common material for making dumbbell shell in the market.

Generally, I prefer plating or spraying, because of no pungent smell, small size, and not easy to rust. The only problem is that it may scrape the floor or bump against the table and chair.

As to rubber-coated and plastic-coated dumbbells, the cheap ones tend to have a pungent odor, and the expensive ones are not worth the price. The advantage is that the outer rubber-layer provides protection from smashing and breaking the floor. People who are really concerned about this can consider this as an option.

Sponge dumbbells are covered with spongy cushions that look safe and won't bump against furniture and floor, but the problem is that they weigh less and are generally only suitable for HIIT or very small muscle groups training.





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