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Adjustable Dumbbell Wholesale | Wholesale Best Adjustable Dumbbells at Advantageous Price

Our adjustable dumbbells (also known as adjustable dumbbells, adjustable dumbbell sets, adjustable weight dumbbells, variable weight dumbbells or adjustable free weights) can be used in gym/fitness centers, home fitness, commercial fitness, professional training, medical Rehabilitation, etc. 

As one of adjustable dumbbells manufacturers, we have served different types of purchasers from many countries around the world.

1. For fitness equipment sellers:

We provide high quality, durable adjustable dummbbells at competitive price. We have cooperated with many fitness equipment sellers and have established reliable and long-term cooperative relationships.

2. For gyms and fitness centers:

We offer a variety of adjustable dumbbells with different weights to choose from to meet the needs of buyers. We focus on quality standards, safety, ease of use, durability, and guaranteed lead times.

3. For sporting goods retailer:

We are familiar with market reaction and sales trend, as well as product innovation and differentiation. Successfully attract more consumers for customers.

4. For shopping centers:

We provide a wide range of optional styles and designs of adjustable dumbbells, with stylish appearance and reliable quality, in line with market demand and fashion trends.

In addition, we provide customized dumbbell service. If You Need Customized Solutions? Feel Free to Contact us!

Wavar wholesale adjustable dumbbells with different weight, in the current market adjustable dumbbell is popular, more people choose adjustable dumbbell set to do exercise, because the adjustable dumbbells are versatile, suitable for a variety of exercise. At the same time relative to the fixed weight dumbbell, adjustable dumbbell is more fast and more save space on weight adjustment, Eliminates the need for multiple dumbbells in exercise Spaces. Wholesale adjustable dumbbells with us, you will get amazing prices and crazy discounts.

Adjustable Dumbbell Sets Packaging&Loading



Wavar offers durable and safe adjustable dumbbells like iron adjustable dumbbells, steel plate adjustable dumbbells, rubber coated adjustable dumbbells and electroplating stoving varnish dumbbell and multifunctional dumbbell set. The bell sheet of adjustable dumbbells is cast iron/steel plate, the price of the adjustable dumbbells of cast iron is cheaper, the outer covering of the bell sheet is made of nylon, the steel shaft of the adjustable dumbbells handle is galvanized, with nylon shell, and the base is made of nylon. We produce different materials according to the needs of customers. Support adjustable dumbbell OEM/ODM, customized adjustable dumbbell shape, size, weight, brand and other services.

We are a dumbbell supplier in the adjustable dumbbell manufacturing design. We have a variety of patents, there are perfect adjustable dumbbell production lines, and there are very professional sales team for your service. Wavar support the best adjustable dumbbell and services as your smartest choice.

Click Best adjustable dumbbell buying guide for your reference.


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