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How to Fix a Pinched Nerve in Shoulder Blade

April 27, 2021


Shoulder blades occupy a large area of the back and connect with arms. There are two reasons that cause a pinched nerve in shoulder blade. One is temporary shoulder pain caused by poor sleeping position, bad working posture, or bad exercise behaviors, which can be cured by regular shoulder workouts. The other reason is that nape fasciitis, or cervical spondylosis, stubborn problems that always require long-term and specialized treatment and therapy.

Shoulder Blades Evaluation Test

Three motions to test your blades whether in its right position or not.


Stand relaxed with your hands at your sides and look ahead. To see bilateral edges of shoulder blades whether in a straight line or not, if it is kind of like a funnel, then the shoulder blade is in an inward position.They show that the shoulder has in tension status for a long time.


Relax and stand with your hands hanging naturally on both sides of the body. Look ahead and observe whether the distance between the outermost blades and the spine is too far. The normal range is about 6~7cm.

Shoulder Blades Relaxation

Relaxation, activation, and workouts to relieve shoulder pain, restore shoulder muscle elasticity, and helps us consolidate and strengthen shoulder muscles. So, let us see what shoulder workouts we can do.

Hip bridge posture, put a soft spiky massage ball between the gap of neck and spine. Keep your head stable, move you arms like windshield wiper for 60 seconds and 2 sets on both two sides. When you extend your arm, keep it close to the ground and don't extend it more than 90 degrees.

Shoulder muscles

Shoulder Muscle Activation

Upper Shoulder Muscle Activation

Lie on your back, bend your lower legs and your feet on the ground. Place a soft spiky massage ball under your infraspinatus muscle(see picture below), swing your legs left and right so that you can change the center of gravity. Do 30s and 2 sets everyday.

Notice that try to maintain the same pressure and let your shoulder muscles get a little soreness.

Shoulder Trapezius Muscle Activation

Lie on your back, bend your lower legs and your feet on the ground. put the peanut ball horizontally on the middle of the shoulder blades, and avoid the spinous process because you will feel extremely uncomfortable when they are pressed. Breathe in and relax, exhale and hold the chest, repeated 5 times each set and do 2 set.

Shoulder Workouts

Part 1

Lie on your back, lift chest slightly off the ground, hands and elbows far away from the ground, chest out, chin in, palms down, hands through the back of the head forward stretch to the limit, and then pull back, arms clamp the body, repeat this action.(see picture)

Part 2

Lie prone, chest slightly off the ground, hands and elbows as far away from the ground as possible, chest out, chin in, hands clenched fists. Put one hand behind the head, the other behind the waist, like an S shape. Put both hands up and down at the same time, keeping both hands as far away from the ground as possible, and repeat.(see picture)

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Part 3

Wall Pushing Shoulder Blades Workouts

Stand with your hands or elbows against the wall, lean forward slightly, bend your chest slightly, exhale when move your shoulder blades forward, push your hands or elbows against the wall to a more large extent, and maintain this position for a few seconds while keep your breath naturally. Complete 3 sets of 5 reps.

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