Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises

April 16, 2021

The length of the collarbone generally basically determines the width of your shoulder, but through the efforts of the day after day, you can increase the volume and thickness of the deltoids, thereby broaden your shoulders. So get started to relish your shoulder workouts.

Dumbbell Front Raise 

Since the functions of the anterior deltoids are extension, abduction. To make all those work, we do dumbbell front raise to stimulate the deltoids forehead, which includes the classic dumbbell front raise, and barbell piece for the front flat lift.

How to do:

Keep body upright, dumbbells hang on the front of the thigh, the arms naturally droop.

To depict shoulders in your mind, use your muscles of the shoulders to raise the dumbbell, and forget your arms. When lifting, keep your body stable, raise the dumbbells to a position which is parallel to the floor. The depiction is not metaphysics, the imagination of the muscles position is really useful.

Stay the dumbbells at the top for 30 seconds, feel the muscles contract in your shoulders, and then, use your shoulders to control the speed at which you put them down, and slowly put them down.

While seated dumbbell front raise will give us new challenge. Because sitting on the table make us unable to use your leg as a support, naturally the load will lay on the shoulders, believe it or not, just give it try.

Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises

The Dumbbell Lateral Raise Exercise

Dumbbell Lateral raises have variants, such as single-handed dumbbell, battle rope exercise. There is no best action, just to see which action you personally feel good to strengthen your deltoids. When doing dumbbell Lateral raises, be careful not to shrug, keep your body stable, don't slosh, and your elbows shouldn't be lower than holding dumbbells.

Face Pulls

Face pulls are ideal for stretching posterior deltoids. This action is ideal for work groups that are plagued by humpback problems and neck protrusion problems.

Face pull: face pull action is not absolutely, necessarily put in a certain height only. As long as you can feel the deltoids strength when performing face pulls, all heights are suitable. So, just pick an action that makes you feel good about you on the line

Barbell Shoulder Press Exercise

This action is a very good compound exercise, and suitable for larger weight lifting. For many people who have no foundation, poor endurance, inadequate quality of muscle control, and cannot do motions with isolate muscles, then the use of compound action on the weight is a very good choice. If you need a more isolated shoulder stimulation and don't want to use other supports, you can use barbell shoulder press.

You will exert your medial and anterior deltoids in the first half of the exercise, then it can be called a composed action which will exert a lot of muscle groups to work. All motions 10-12 reps each set, 3-5 sets, interval 30-60 seconds.




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